Friday, January 27, 2012

Math 101?

A mathematician, I AM NOT!  Although one could argue that as a beader, one has to be fairly proficient in the subject.....

So I'm starting on my Beading Babes project, Runway of Pearls (I made a valiant attempt at Ravishing Rosettes....but that is a blog post for another time...)....and after viewing the different pictures in the magazine, I thought I'd try it out with the 2mm Czech FP rounds.   Plus, the idea of doing Right Angle Weave with triangles seemed icky to me.

At the bead show a couple weeks ago, I had 2mm FP on my list to find.  And I found some!  This vendor had every color you could imagine and I selected these yellows.

For some reason that I can't quite understand...I had it in my head that I needed 180 of them.  The packages contained 100 to be safe I picked up 300.  I asked the vendor, do you have an online shop?!   She said no, but you can just give us a call any time and we'll send you what you need.

And off I went...however, when I first opened the magazine and it said I needed to make a base of "43 units wide and 5 rows long with 4C per unit"...I had a sense I might be incorrect on this random thought that I needed 180.

And I was incorrect indeed....this is how far I got:

 Only 26 units wide.....

But no biggie right?  I figure I'll just call the vendor and order more!  NOT!  The number was disconnected!!!

Very well then....I went on an internet search for 2mm Czech FP rounds....and found....they are not very easy to FIND!

I finally found some though at Land of Odds and ordered 500.  Yes.  500.

They came today.

Great, right?!  Well....then as I was admiring my new lot of 2mm Czech FP rounds....I thought to 500 going to be enough?  300 wasn't enough.....

So then I started doing some math....
First I did 43X5X4 = 860

But then I realized that, the first row is has 4 beads per unit...sort of, really 4 beads for the first unit, then you only add three beads for the next bunch of units..

.then when you start a new row, one will have three, and the rest will have two.....

....then I remembered the upgrade of BeadTool4 now has RAW as a pattern I popped on there and created "43 units wide and 5 rows long with 4C per unit"....

So jeesh....what is it?!!?  860? 688? 478?  929?

Stay tuned for what I finally figure out!!!

In the meanwhile - the free pattern for Free Pattern Friday was not turning out so great so I will keep at it and post tomorrow!  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck with your math, Amy! I'm not a math person either. And, I'm doing the bracelet and I'm not using the triangles either. I haven't started mine yet. I'll be looking forward to your math!

  2. Hi Amy, Math is not a subject I was ever good at, so good luck with that! If you don't want to rack your brain anymore write Karyn an e-mail because she has the answer you seek. She wrote the designer and got the amount need for the 2mm beads. I can not remember how many cause I'm going to use the triangles I already have. It is a bummer that you ran out of the yellow cause that was going to be really pretty. Have you thought about mixing the two colors together, you should have plenty of 2mm's then is my guess. I have not started the bracelet yet. I am still working on the Ravishing Rosettes and other projects.
    It took me at least 5 attempts to get the Ravishing Rosettes pattern, but once I did it moves along nicely.

  3. Your attempt at working out how many you need makes me giggle. You already know how many you need seems we've spoken about this so problem solved! You are lucky you had so many colours to choose from... I had black...and clear...mmm such exciting colours! I chose black. They are so cute and teeny tiny - not sure why they aren't readily available. Can't wait to see your final piece!



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