Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Well hello there, 2012!  I can't beleive it's already the 4th, and I'm still mulling over my resolutions!

But the truth is, my biggest event of the year is going to be taking place in (gulp) 37 days, so I'm a little swamped.  Sometimes I think the beginning of my year should be the day after that festival ends!

In any case, I have a long list of things I'd like to work on this year, but the beading section of my list looks something like this:
  • Earrings a day
  • Bead SOMETHING everyday
  • Do self challenge with stash I won
  • Free pattern Friday
  • More stuff on etsy
  • Tutorial / kit
I already have not made good on the "Earrings a day" part! Although I have made two pairs!  But the idea is really to get me to do the second item on the list, which is bead something every day.  That is definitely do-able....if I just FOCUS.  (which needs to be my 'word of the year' - more on that later).

I was the very lucky recipient of a huge stash last month:
It was from the lovely Erin at Treasures Found::Inspiration is Everywhere...and the part about "Inspiration is Everywhere" is surely true with this spectacular win.  There were more than a dozen baggies of beads and pendants in this stash mostly divided by color.  So my plan here, is to pick a baggie each month and create something - kind of a monthly color self challenge!
I've been having so much fun creating these patterns for the Bead-It-Forward quilt - I'd like to start offering more patterns of different varieties other than expect to see more patterns pop up on my Free Patterns page! 
Upon looking back over the year and all my photos, I have produced a pretty huge amount of beadwork....however, I have not posted anything new there in MONTHS!!!!  So I definitely need to sell a little more to sustain my hobby! So I plan to focus on posting more items in my Etsy shop! 

And finally - I've had so many folks ask me about a tutorial for this style of earrings - of which I have made dozens of pairs!
I had a fleeting thought of making a pair of these every day in hundreds of color combinations. Hence the 'earrings a day' idea.  But instead, I am thinking of creating a tutorial and maybe even doing some kits to go along with it.  It's a very simple circular peyote disk!  I also may do something with this style of earrings as well, which also works up very quickly:
 This will probably all happen after mid-February however, when my festival ends!
So those are all my bead-y should see the rest!  It's a long list with a lot of your standard resolutions:  eat better, exercise more, clean the house more frequently, drink less coffee, drink more green tea, brush the dogs every day, give more, waste time less....etc, etc, etc.....

But one of the biggest ones I need to work on, is to focus.  This doesn't necessarily mean I'm playing too much Angry Birds (which I probably am - but that goes into the waste less time category)or I'm on Facebook too much (which is an oxymoron because I manage the FB pages for 11 clients! LOL)....what it means is that sometimes I have SO much going on that I am all over the place sometimes, getting only little bits and pieces of everything done, reading all emails the second they come in etc.... .
So I've lately taken to writing out daily schedules that reflect what I should be doing every hour of the day!  HOWEVER at this current time of writing, I am already going a bit over on the time intended for blogging today! (and I guess I should add "work on my penmanship" as one of my resolutions)

  Seems a little ocd, but I really think this is going to help me stay focused!  

I somehow missed it at the beginning of last year, but as I read a lot of bloggers' year end wrap-ups, I saw a lot of bloggers had picked words for the beginning of the year - like "grow" "learn" "be" "dream" etc.....  so my word of the year is FOCUS! 
So, in the vain of focusing, I am planning to use this "FOCUS" focal pendant, as my January self challenge from the TFIEBSW ( from here on out, stands for "Treasures Found::Inpsiration is Everywhere Bead Stash Win"):
In other beady are a few more of the Looking Glass Pendants I made for holiday gifts:

And as a Christmas present to myself, I picked up a few patterns from Ellad2.  Here is one of them:
This pattern worked up so quickly (about 45 minutes), I would recommend it to all bead weavers! 


  1. Wow Amy, I like your word "Focus" it is a great word that all us at times could use. You do fantastic bead work I really like everything you create. Looking forward to seeing what you create each month with the super TFIEBSW!

  2. I love the Looking Glass pendants... they make great gifts don't they! I still have my eyes on your Brown and Amber Hoop earrings on Etsy...I love that design.

    I can't wait to see what you create in 2012!


  3. I love your pendants and earrings. I'd love to see a tutorial for the earrings, too! You sound like you are really organizing yourself. I so need to do that b/c I waste too much time!! Please keep us posted on your progress!


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