Friday, January 20, 2012

Purple Shmurple!

Hah!  There is a lot of "Purple Friday" talk going on around here!  Humph!  On that note - here is the free pattern for Friday!
This pattern should work up to be just about 7 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide...and as always - if you use one of my free patterns, I'd love to see a pic! ;)
 Yes, being a New England Native, I gotta say - I love me some Patriots.  Not only is Tom Brady easy on the eyes, he's a pretty amazing quarterback!!  Now, here is where I insert my disclaimer - I don't really follow a lot of fact, even though I like football, I don't think I turned a single game on this season until last weekend - and wow - impressive!!!  And I will surely be watching this Sunday!

I'm a sucker for team spirit though, so even though I am not a Ravens fan, I do enjoy seeing all the spirit around here.  The excited, positive energy is pretty awesome.  I think it was last year, when I swore to my husband, I could actually FEEL the excitement taking place 16 miles away during a Ravens home playoff game!

So enough football!   I've been pretty silent...but busy with my real job!  Also my husband turned 50 last weekend so I threw him a semi-surprise party! 

Thankfully, although I'm working anywhere from 10-12 hours a day with the festival coming up in three weeks, I've been able to steal away at the end of the day and work on some beady projects...

I also have been working on my fourth square for the Bead It Forward quilt - a hummingbird.  I have this tray in the kitchen so when I'm sitting with my guys after dinner or coffee in the moring I can work on it!
Did I mention I am starting to hate square stitch?!?  It works up TOO SLOW!   I'm ALL peyote from here on out!

A couple weeks ago on New Years Day, I had the pleasure of joining a group of women at Bead Soup in Savage, MD for an event called "Flocking Together" where everyone attending made a square for the quilt!  There were at least 20 beaders there!  How cool is that?  The store provided patterns and beads and the beaders worked up the pattern. 

Check out a handful of the squares that were made!!!
(mine is the swan in the upper left!)
When all was said & done, Bead Soup collected 41 squares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bead Soup has the oriole patterns on their site....check it out!..

Finally - I just have to share this pic of my sweet 5 month old puppy.  If it looks staged....well, that's because it is....sort of....little Bingo likes to lay his head on husband put the blanket over him! LOL!  How CUTE IS HE!?!?!?
(Yes, he is wearing a sweater, but we just got his hair cut and he shivers without it!)
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


  1. You have an awesome weekend too! I love the little sweater he looks soooo cute. With all those projects you are a busy busy girl. Happy 50th to your hubby!

  2. Your projects are so beautiful! Little bingo is so sweet. He looks just like my parents last dog. Is he a poodle bischon mix?

  3. Your bird square is going to be lovely. Kathy is so excited about the turnout and how many squares have been completed. I admire your stamina, after working all day, you still can bead!!!

  4. Hey there, Saw the Patriots bracelet and I just had to comment. Go Pats!!! Keep going all the way again!!! You sure have been a busy beader. Loving all the earrings. And how fun, that must have been, beading together with 20 others. P.S. cute puppy.

  5. Hi Amy-Thanks so much for posting our birds. Yours are just fantastic and the response from Bead and Button was just amazing. Everyone is waiting to see the finished project and wishing that we could be there to see the real thing....maybe next year. I hope all is well....I am loving the picture of all your earrings. Hope to see you soon kathy


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