Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Word Cloud & Bead Show & Free Beads!

First I saw it on Sally's blog, Wild Sally Road....then I saw it on Shirley's blog, Beads & Bread....and I think it's so cool, I had to try it!

You just go to this site, click on Blogger and type in your blog name and voila!  And while I really enjoyed all the words in my cloud....I think I am going to try to stop saying "my" so much! LOL..... that giant "my" took me by surprise.....do I sound like a three year old??? MY beads, MY blog, MY challenge piece, MY project, MINE MINE MINE!!!! Is it awful???

In other news I went to a bead show this weekend and it was MARVELOUS!  It felt really good to splurge on a few things, and to grab some things I felt like I really needed!!!

I picked up a bit of yellow, in preparation for entering the Fashion Colorworks competition.  Although having gotten them home, most of the hues seem a little bit off from the color requirement...but we'll see when I get going!!!

I'm dying of happiness with those "farfale" beads in the last photo.  They are crystal lined with gold a/b luster.....they are scrumptious. 

 I also picked up some things that I would like to work into a challenge/hop.    I am thinking of making kits out of these beads: 

or these:

I thought they were so cute!!!! They were from a bead vendor there called Priscilla Beads.  I had a hard time selecting from her because there were so many adorable decoupaged beads at her booth.

I also picked up this strand of beads that has lots of word on them:

In honor of so many bloggers selecting a Word for the year, I would like to give this strand away!
All you have to do is leave a comment.  I will draw a winner on Friday night.
And for a double entry - let me know if you would be interested in taking part in a bead kit challenge with those decoupaged beads!  I'm thinking definitely $10 or under including shipping.....also wouldn't start until the big festival is over mid-February!


  1. The word beads look like a lot of fun!

  2. A challenge kit sounds interesting.

  3. OMG I absolutely love the bird and dragonfly beads so would be up for a challenge kit...I wouldn't mind winning the beads you have up for grabs too!

    I tried t do the Word Cloud but it keeps giving me an error so I shall keep trying. I am intrigued to see what mine will say...I have a feeling I say MY too much too!


  4. Glad you had a good time at the show. The beads you found are great and the decopaged ones are wonderful! I love the word beads too. They're really fun!

  5. Now first you know I am totally up for any challenge you have but as the budget has now strangled and possibities for any purchases I will just have to watch! I will have to check out the word cloud thingy soon.


  6. i have to try that word thingy...i'm wondering what my main word would be?!
    i love all your new treasure...what fun to go on a spree like that! we don't have any big bead shows around here which makes me sad. i'd have to travel up to portland...hmmm, road trip time?!
    take care amy!


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