Friday, February 3, 2012


It's that time of year where I complain about how busy I am because of the big wine & food festival that is my biggest project of the year.  Good news is that it takes place next week!  Woo hoo!  But I'm awfully tired of looking at this all day:
It's 9:15pm and aside from walking my dogs for 40 minutes and running out for quick dinner with my husband, I've been sitting her staring at this computer since 7 this morning! ugh.  So this won't be too long a post...and mostly pics! 

I finished my fourth square for the Bead-It Forward Quilt project...
...worked a bit on my FOCUS pendant...

..and began a new project of a beaded band to go around my son's Cub Scout Arrow of Light arrow...
...thankfully I came up with a relatively simple pattern....cuz I'm doing it for two other boys' arrows too!  I better hurry up as well because they need to be ready by Feb 18!!! Yikes!

And that's about it over the last couple weeks!  I'm excited to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl this weekend!

Oh - and here's a small free's the same size as the bird quilt squares!  I see a quilt of my own in the future!


  1. Wow Amy, you make me tired just reading your post. Best wishes on the Food and Wine Festival. Just curious, but what is the meaning behind the broken arrow? Thank you for sharing the flower pattern.

  2. okay, now i'm exhausted too....!!!
    but i'll tell you, doesn't it feel good when you climb into bed, at the end of the day, knowing how much you've accomplished?!
    now go get some sleep!!


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