Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beading Babes Reveal - Project(s) 4!

It's Beading Babes Reveal day!!

First let me just say - I just LOVE this idea of Karyn's.   And her tag line is so perfect and fitting - "Bringing Beaders Together."  The Facebook Group is fantastic because we have a very easy forum now to encourage, get and give tips, or commiserate over frustrations on projects!

This round of Beading Babes featured three projects. Paisley Drops by Jane Lock, Ruffled Chain Bracelet by Laina Goodman and Trellis Rope by Nancy Dale.

The first project I completed was the Paisley Drops.  I'd been wanting to try the Russian leaf pattern for some time so I was excited that this was one of our projects.  I love blue and orange together!

 I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't have time to work through the whole bracelet on the Ruffled Chain Bracelet, and decided on earrings right away. 

I liked this pattern a lot alot also, I felt like it worked up quickly, and that's always very satisfying!
The only challenge I found here was that, when it was time to work the final peyote round - I couldn't even get my smallest needle through the spots pointed out below!  But I didn't mind, I still like how they turned out!

And last, but certainly not least, was the Trellis Rope! As many Babes know, this one was a lot of work and very time (and bead) consuming.  I loved, loved, loved the RAW tubular base of the rope.  It worked up quickly.  My first challenge came on the flower embellishment - but it was only because I didn't like the colors I chose - they were all too matchy-matchy, and this rope (IMO) calls for some contrast!   The netting confused me a bit, but once I figured out the rhythm, it went along nicely.  This is as far as I'm planning to do on the rope, I"m going to add another couple inches to this rope, probably with some more of the crystals - but smaller, and then add a clasp.  Also - I may go back to the embellishments near the crystals and add a few more beads, because right now there is more thread showing than I would like....

While this rope was a bit more time consuming than I might have liked, I really LOVED the result.  This is such a beautiful rope.  Now I'm thinking through what kind of pendant to add that will  compliment with this rope!  Or maybe I'll leave it as is! 

Looking forward to Project 5!  Thank you again Karyn for hosting this fun, creative group!



  1. Those are all gorgeous. I love the soft colors you chose. The blue and orange work well together. I think my favorite is the cream and pink on the second pattern .. so soft and feminine. Your trellis rope is stunning. You could always try a clasp/focal so you can wear the clasp in the front or back for two different looks. :)

  2. Love what you did with all the projects. I also found I had too much thread showing on the embelllishments of the necklace. I love the earrings from the bracelet pattern. This was a fun set of projects.

  3. I knew you would love it. All your projects turned out great!

  4. Loving what you did with this challenge. Also loving the fact that you have the guts to do challenges like this. Your rope is gorgeous and I can just imagine all the work that went into it. Also loving your paisley drops, great color choice. I have been wanting to try these for a while, now thanks to your inspiration I probably will.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Love your pieces! I like the earring blue and orange go very well together. I like the colors you chose for the second pair of earrings and the necklace you could wear the two of those together and no one would know that they were not made as a set. I like Tanya's suggesion for a clasp, making your clasp the focal.

  6. Oh, I love your rope! Those colors are wonderful. You had the same problem I did with the matchy colors. And I'm sooo jealous that you finished yours! :) I"m going to take it as incentive to get mine finished!

  7. I've jumping around from blog to blog and can't remember how I landed on yours, but I'll definitely be back. Your projects are all lovely - and I'm especially impressed with the earrings. Such pretty colour choices!

  8. I love allllllll of your makes, Amy!! Gorgeous color choices for each one and so perfectly stitched!! I'm so glad you liked how your trellis came out, and thanks so much for taking the time with it!! :)

  9. Those are beautiful!! I did the Russian leaf design a few years ago and found it really, really hard! I had to do all 5 in one sitting, lest I run the risk of forgetting what I was doing or where I left off.

  10. I absolutely love all the pieces you made. They all have such a soft feminine feel to them. Even though you didn't get to create a bracelet I am so happy you made the earrings. Gorgeous!

    Thanks again for taking part in Beading Babes and I look forward to seeing you for Project 5!


  11. As always your beadwork is awesome. The trellis necklace is my favorite. It's got the classic English rose garden feel that is great with mother's day around the corner.

  12. Amy I love all three of your pieces!
    The colors you chose for the rope and the earrings are beautiful! They all look stunning together too!
    I also added an extra round of beads in the peyote ring around the base of each rope section by the rondelles...It made that section a little fuller and helped cover the exposed thread in that area!
    And I agree, the Trellis pattern is a little time consuming but I just love the end result!


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