Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Here is a great definition of Delica's I found on
Delica: For almost 60 years, Miyuki Glass Seed Beads have been considered the "world standard" for their high quality, brilliance and uniform shape. They are sought after by fashion designers and bead artisans the world over. Miyuki Delica Seed Beads have a large hole to allow for multiple passes with needle and stringing material, whether its on or off a loom, used as an embellishment for an article of clothing, or making an ornate piece of art. The edges and size of a Miyuki Delica Seed Bead are very uniform and perfectly squared, lining up and fitting into place when used in bead weaving projects or loom work.

I have a few delicas, a few million probably - here is just a few of my Delica drawers....

...many many many years ago...I worked for a beaded pattern maker and she paid me in Delicas so I was fortunate to build my stash this way! 

Delicas come in an amazingly huge range of colors and you can do so much with them.  Just do a search of "Delica beads" or "Delica bead tapestry" and you will be stunned by the incredible work out there. 

I enjoy doing small tapestries as well.  Although they tend to be a bit time consuming, the results are always worth it!

There is also an endless list of things you can do with jewelry using Delicas.

Now since we're on D and I'm going to veer off topic a bit since I haven't given my little pups very much blog love lately!  D is also for DOG!  Here's a little "then & now" shot of Bingo and Molly.

As you can see, Bingo's grown a bit since we got him five months ago!  He was half the size of Molly when we got him, and now he's about twice her size (and still growing).  That is his water bowl that he likes to take a drink of, pick it up and empty out the water and carry it around the house to chew on.  He has a few other monikers including The Tasmanian Devil, That Terrible Little Animal and so on.....but in spite of his puppy terrorism...we sure do love him!
And Molly too!  This morning as we were admiring Molly's recent haircut, I told my husband I was planning to make Molly a pretty little beaded collar....made with Delicas....


  1. You do have a heck of a delica stash! Oh I love your pups and you little man is precious!!!!

  2. Amy your Delica stash is awesome and so are your pups!

  3. Wow, I had no idea you could make all that great stuff with those beads. I never got past friendship bracelets. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  4. Love Delicas! I have slowly begun to buy them. Problem is, I have boxes and boxes of Czech seed beads that I no longer use b/c of their un-uniform size.

    Visiting from A-Z

  5. lovely Delicas nice post
    do check my D at GAC a-z

  6. very nice beading, and cute dogs... i had to look twice to find the dark color of bingo.. one pic he's dark the other he's a lighter color... (am i correct in that observation?)


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