Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogging from A-Z || E || "Embaby"

What is "Embaby", you ask?? Well, so do I!!!

Here is my loosely plotted out month for the A-Z Challenge, on paper....

For April 5, "E", I had originally written Etsy, but then crossed it our and wrote something that looks like "Embaby" and for the life of me, I can't figure out what the heck it means! HAHA!

I have been wondering about this for a week. During this past week, I had one of those advertising partner companies contact me, which has made me ponder about that: whether to have 'sponsors' on my blog or not....which made me think I could do a post about earnings.....which just got me back to Etsy....

Etsy is where I have my online store.  There are lots of options out there but being a creature of habit, I have stuck with Etsy over the years.  But when it comes to earnings - I don't really apply myself very well.  I am very bad about keeping my store up to date, and I have an enormous inventory that should really be in the shop!  My personal philosophy has been that I should sell at least enough jewelry to support my beading habit/passion/business.....not really looking to make a profit but maybe break even!  One of my New Year's resolutions was to give a little more attention to my Etsy shop and my Amybeads Facebook page....I'm not there yet, but it's only April!!

In the meanwhile - I shall continue to speculate on exactly what I meant by "Embaby".

Don't forget to go to the Blogging from A-Z page to check out more participants in this challenge.  One of my favorites from last year, and she's doing it again, is a blog author who writes limericks....and I've seen a couple so far who are doing an ongoing story that continues each day!  It's so interesting!


  1. Hi Amy, Checked out your Etsy shop. Loving all the earrings. Owning on on line shop sure is a lot of work. Like you, I have big plans for my Zibbet shop, but not much gets done around there. And my facebook page is all but ignored.
    Did you ever figure out what "embaby" means?

  2. Having worked for doctors for many years who have extremely terrible handwriting...not saying yours is terrible...but the word looks to me like you may have written "empathy"? Not sure how that is keeping with your bead themed A-Z.


  3. Hi Amy, Wow the days are flying by it's already E day. Don't that just bug the crap out of you when you don't know why you wrote something or what it meant? I do not have an online store. I sell some things from my facebook page mostly to relatives that live out of state. Since this is already E day I need to get busy on my challenge piece for R day!

  4. i enjoy looking through things on etsy, though i've yet to buy anything from there yet.:)


  5. Ooh ... I hate when I write notes to myself that I can't read! I had one the other day on a grocery store list that I couldn't figure out. I guess I will know what is was when I am looking for that item in my cupboard!

    P.S. Your earrings are lovely!

  6. I had my Etsy store open with some moderate success. I let it lapse last year. The problem I found is that it takes so long to list just one item and then I have to resize all my photos to fit. I have been kicking around jumping to instead. It's on my to-do list!

  7. I agree with whoever said it looks like empathy!

    Brought here by the A to Z challenge. I love your writing style and think your posts are so much fun! I'm a fellow artist who makes jewelry. I don't have quite as many seed beads as you do, but I have to be honest and tell you that the store where I get mine is absolutely humongous!!!! Poor Hubby couldn't find his way around there with a GPS ;)

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say that I look forward to seeing you around going forward. Enjoy the day, and good luck with the rest of the month's challenges! <3

    *~* Julia *~* *~*

  8. I have to say my problem with notes to myself is that they get lost. I have to tell you something funny too...I had to jump over to your FB to make triple sure I liked it! I wish there was a love button!!!


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