Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogging from A-Z || H || Herringbone

Herringbone.....again!  In my plan for the month I added to the H day, in the stitch.  But a few minutes ago when I did a search for herringbone on this blog, I see I did herringbone last year as well!  I tried to think of something else to do but couldn't come up with herringbone it is again! 

I've done several other projects with herringbone over the last year....or at least started some.

 Also - one of the current Beading Babes projects features flat herringbone!  So for today's H post I'm featuring a sneak peek of my progress on that project.  Be sure to come back on April 29 for that reveal (hah - an A-Z day off, but I've been working on all three Beading Babes' projects so I'll definitely be posting that day!)

See you tomorrow which will be brought to you by the letter I!


  1. I love herringbone! It's one of my favorite stitches.

  2. Oh Amy your colors rock for the bracelet. I loved how you subbed the firepolish for the crystals. I needed to see if they would work! You ROCK!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I love doing Herringbone stitch it is so quick and versitil. I love the little sample you did with the triangle beads. I'm liking the sneak peak of your bracelet. I started mine but did not like how it was turning out with the beads I chose so I ordered some different focal beads and will see how it goes with those. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  4. Herringbone is quite lovely, though, so why not do it again.

  5. It's a beautiful stitch but I have never attempted it. It seems fairly easy but I haven't gotten over my fear of trying it.


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