Friday, April 13, 2012

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So....did you wonder what this mysterious picture was yesterday?!?

Let's face it - taking (good) pictures for your blog, can be tough.  I remember a time right after day light savings was raining for about four or five days straight and I just couldn't get any decent pictures for almost a week!  I have ONE PLACE in my house that I can get decent pictures - but only during certain times of the day and only if it's sunny out. 

And then, after waiting for just the right moment, you still have to edit like crazy for the brightness, contrast etc... to get the jewelry to look exactly like it looks in person.  Crazy, right?! 

So for a long time now, I've been thinking I should slap together little photo studio, get some more lights, backdrops, and so on.  I looked up "make your own lightbox" and there are about a gazillion tutorials out there.  First thing you get is a good box.

And then you cut panels out and glue on white fabric in the holes of where you cut out the panels and then you lay poster board inside, and then you shine your lights through the holes and VOILA! You have a lightbox!  Seemed pretty simple and I decided to build one. 

But then, I Googled "good lights for a light box" and then, well, as they say in the neck of the woods where grew up....light dawned on Marble-head....Um...Hello, Amy - the photo industry already makes ready-built light boxes (uh...duh!!!).  And they aren't terribly expensive either (starting at around $14.99).  But wait, there's more!  They also sell complete kits including the light box, the lights, the bulbs, the backdrop(s) and a tripod!  And those started out at a pretty reasonable price too (at about $31.99).  So to save my self a little time and money (time is money, right?)...I got myself a present!

My new light box & lights!!! :)
I'd love to show you the fruits of my labor purchase....but I've been so busy with my Beading Babes' projects and my own challenge kit project I haven't tried it out yet!   Yesterday though, I found a great spot for it in the basement where there was a large table with nothing on it! So stay tuned for some (hopefully) new and improved pictures on my blog!


  1. Holy Moly of all things beads! You are super talented...I just had to scroll through the rest of your art. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge!

  2. Hi Amy,
    You are going to love your new light box. Happy photo taking!

  3. I took a class at The Bead Factory and they said the hardest thing is to shoot decent photos of your jewelry. I use my Ott light, and sometimes will try bringing my stuff outside which never turns out well either. Good luck with your light box! I'll be curious to see the results!

  4. Could you share the link of where to get that nice looking kit? I tried doing a search and didn't see one that looked like it had those lights....


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