Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Today's post is Obama...Michelle Obama.  Don't worry .... this isn't going to get political.  My theme is beads after all!  As an aside, however, I will say, that in my many, many, many, many, many, many years working in Washington, D.C. in the restaurant industry...I had the pleasure of dealing with the president and his wife on several occasions (pre-2008), and I found them to be absolutely lovely people. 

But let's get back to the subject at hand.  Beads.  I don't know if you've noticed or not, but Mrs. Obama has sported some pretty fabulous beaded pieces over the last couple years!  I love her fashion style, but I especially love it when she adds a dash of beaded fabulousity to her outfits.

She likes her some pearls.....

But check out his necklace with the draped pearls!  LOVE!

How cute is this simple strand of pearls with a little flower power!? 

And what about this bold teal-y pearl piece she totally rocked!!!
Pearls aside...I came across this wonderful netted piece with little hints of spring
 Check out those cute little flowers and butterflies!

Now the next two pieces I don't think are beaded, although they appear to have some beaded elements.  This one is just spectacular, in my humble opinion:
 I think the above piece could totally be reproduced in all beads.  I am picturing a bead woven focal - with some bezeled rivolis....I'm not sure about the flower but maybe some sparkly 2mm crystals in a 3-D right angle weave/?!?!?!?

These earrings are great too:
It probably isn't, but it sure looks like brick stitched Fire Polished Czech beads surrounding that stone!

Inspiration comes in so many places.  While I don't typically get inspired by strands of pearls, Michelle Obama's varying pearl accessories are very inspiring.  And the other pieces are definitely priming the pump of my creative juices! 

Tell me, who inspires you? 


    I guess-I do not have to tell You,how interesting blog post it is this time..../??/
    Again You've realised exactly the same I have.My home site in my computer it is Yahoo,which I love the best,for the good publications,not only about politics.There was the series of articles about Michelle Obama's style and also about jewelry She wears.Almost each time,She appears in public,She wears some interesting beads'configurations.I've never got known,who designs Her beaded jewelry,but I've seen Her many times wearing nice beading sets,or pieces,always in perfect color harmony with Her clothes.I also admire Her for that perfect and fashionable appearance.I've seen those earrings once and for me-it really looks as brick stitched,Czech firepolish:-)
    My inspirations?...hmmm...You,ve probably seen in the right scroll bar of my blog:this is my 'beading library',where the real Masters publish their best beadwork and also write about it.I often come back to all of those books and buy new ones.This is my greatest inspiration.Sometimes I watch the work of the talented Women on Blogger,because there are plenty of them here.My further inspiration is the Nature,mostly for such pieces,like I've showed recently-i.e. 'Blackberry',or earlier'Fern'set.I read and observe a lot,there are even some 'idols' of mine,like Diane Fitzgerald,Rachel Nelson Smith,Laura MacCabe,or some earlier art-works of Marcia De Coster.
    Sometimes,as probably all the artists-I have lots to 'say',sometimes feel a little 'empty',but never try to make the piece every day,at any price,because I still learn,still experiment and experience,looking for new means of expression and for my own,unrepeatable and recognizable style.

  2. Wow, She sure does have great taste when it comes to jewelry! I guess I am very unobservant because I have never noticed this. Loving the flowery netted piece and that last pair of earrings. I will have to keep my eye on her.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Michelle Obama has always been very fashionable, but yet down to earth in what she likes to wear. All of those pieces are beautiful, I love her taste.

  4. What a tremendous blog article! Thank you for gathering all of those wonderful pictures of Our First Lady! I know I'll be keeping a closer eye on her jewelry now and some of the pieces have inspired me to do some of my own pearl work!
    Glad to have found your site!


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