Friday, April 20, 2012

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I was so excited to incorporate the Spring Fling kit challenge with the Blogging from A-Z Challenge!  Thank you to all the wonderful beaders who participated.  It's been a long-time desire of mine to host a challenge and/or hop.  I've tried some without a lot of success, But this type of challenge seems to be a winner - the kits were a hit.  Since I didn't know what the response would be so I only did a small amount of kits.

But since the response was good, I'm planning to do another kit challenge real soon.  My goal is to keep the kit cost under $5, always!

Let's get to the reveal!

All the participants received this kit (there were 4 orange and 4 blue).  I kept a blue kit.

I really didn't have any idea where I wanted to go with this except that I was planning to use the focal with some embroidery. 

It wasn't until I placed the focal on the piece of Lacy's Stiff Stuff and picked up a pencil, that I decided to expand upon the branch that the sweet little bird was sitting on!

The rest evolved nicely, although it turned out a tad bigger than I really would have liked.  I used a lot of the kit - almost all of it, and added the leaves and the green delicas, and the black 15/0 beads for the branch.
I think my favorite thing about this piecen are the leaves!  I was walking though Michael's one day for something else, and these lucite leaves were on the end cap and I immediately thought they would be perfect for this challenge!
It's hard to see, but in the green portion of this I used a lot of the farfalle beads and the green FP beads.

Aside from my issue with the size, I also feel like the blue delicas kind of overwhelm the less vibrant blue of the focal.  Overall, though, I am very pleased with the result and I sure had a blast doing it!

I'm ridiculously excited to see what everyone else did with their kit!!!!  And although I will be not near my computer til much later today, you can bet I will be checking everyone's blogs on my phone today!!!

Here is a list of the participants with blogs (I had two others get kits, and will post their pictures when I receive them!):
Kristin, of My Bead Journey
Maryanne, of Zingala's Workshop
Karyn, of Releases by Rufydoof
Therese, of Therese's Treasures
Vimala, of The Bead Diaries

There is a linky tool below that the participants can add their post to for this challenge!


  1. So cute and clever. I love the design.

  2. I love, love, love what you did with your kit, Amy! The idea of continuing the branch is so cool! This was a fun challenge. Thanks for hosting it.

  3. Wow, I love, love, love this. This piece is spectacular. The way you beading the branch into your piece and then the simplicity of the chain with leave lets the focal piece stand out and speak. I would love to participate in your next challenge.

  4. Hi Amy,
    Wow I love what you did with your kit. Extending the branch out into bead embroidery and then building your piece from that point was a great idea. I love all of the Lucite leaf dangles, they really do set the piece off. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Oh Amy, I was just so over whelmed with the beauty of your piece that I forgot to say thank you for hosting a wonderful challenge. I enjoyed being a part of this challenge and hope to be a part of the future ones you will hold.

  6. Oh that is the first time I used the linky tool thing!
    Amy you rocked this piece! I have no words! Thank you soooooo much for hosting this and making up these awesome kits!

  7. Amy, I really like it. You're absolutely right, the leaves add something special.. both texturally and in movement. Love your design and think the kits were the perfect template to work with!
    Have a fabulous day!

  8. This is so beautiful!!! I love how you extended the branch beyond the bead and just went from there. Embroidery intimidates me. I want to try but I fear it for some reason. Seeing this gorgeous scene you created is so inspiring...and it definitely feels like Spring :-)

  9. I am a huge bead emboidery the branch, so cute.

  10. That's beautiful! I love the spring feel to it. :)

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  11. Wow you did an outstanding job on that project!!!

  12. I love the embroidery and all of the leaves. That focal is really something special. That is just a beautiful necklace.

  13. Ohhh Amy that is adorable! I love how you have continued the picture into your beadwork. And everyone is right...those leaves look great!


  14. This is one great piece. I love that it's more like a painting with beads.

  15. Amy I love your embroidered challenge piece! It's awesome...and those leaves really are perfect for that fringe! I love it!!

    Those bird focal beads are just too cute...and with the whole "put a bird on it" trend this decade I was really surprised by how much I loved these beads! It just jumped right off the page into my Etsy cart because of the bird focal bead!

    I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I love everyone's finished projects!


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