Saturday, April 21, 2012

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First I want to give a shout out to some of the participants in the Spring Fling kit challenge hosted here yesterday.  There are still a few that are completing their kits - which is great and I can't wait to see the results.  The results that were revealed yesterday were nothing short of spectacular!!

Here is Kristen's design:

Maryanne's design:

Therese's design:

Bravo ladies! 

Now onto today's topic - Songs and does this relate to beadwork?  Indirectly, but somehow relevantly.  You see when I look at the piece I revealed yesterday, I think of Rita Wilson uncovering her past and learning about her ancestry!  Why is this?  It is because for a solid block of time while I was creating this piece, I was watching the show "Who Do You Think You Are?" featuring Rita Wilson (which was an awesome episode, incidentally). 

When I go up to bead, I set up my computer on my beading table and either listen to music on Pandora, or watch shows on Hulu! So what happens because of this, is I associate my bead work with songs or shows!

For instance:
Lenka station on Pandora

 Once Upon a Time
Beyonce's "I Was Here"

And this is just a small sampling.  I have a huge pile of beadwork that I created by watching the entire 7 seasons of Grey's Anatomy last summer! Hah!  I was also on a Miley Cyrus(don't judge) kick for a while and there's a bunch of my beadwork I associate with her music!

How about you - do you do beadwork while listening to music or watching TV??


  1. Congratulations to your Spring Fling participants.

    Your "S" post does make sense to me - I do my writing to certain music to draw forth a certain style of writing - so I can see how music would influence your beading too.

    Great "S" post.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  2. When I was set up to do crafts in my family room at my old house in WA, I listened to the TV or a CD. Now that I have a craft room in this house, it's quiet when I'm beading.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I listen to the tv while I bead. When I lived alone it was whatever mood I was in, music or tv, but now that I live with my Mother it is just the tv (she does not like my style of music). I can not say that it gives me inspiration though. I enjoy watching "Who Do You Think You Are" and the Rita Wilson episode was a good one.

  4. Amy I do the exact same thing! I usually watch movies or old TV shows on my laptop while I'm beading...or I'll listen to my husband play records on his turntable or play his I always associate my different pieces of beadwork with what I was watching or listening to when I made it!

    And I am often inspired to change things as I'm working depending on the mood or tone of what I'm watching/listening to. And I always flash back to those memories & thoughts from working on a piece whenever I see someone wearing something I made!

    I also tend to time myself that way how many episodes of Mad Men did that bracelet take or how many seasons of Buffy did that collar take?'s nice to know so many of us do this!

    And I finally posted my Spring Fling blog post! So sorry for being late, but I definitely enjoyed the challenge and look forward to more in the future! Beautiful work Spring Fling ladies!

  5. Intricate beading designs in so many exciting colours.I think the participants did a fabulous job.And it is this exchange that is getting the best out of each other.


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