Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Work.  My dream job would be to bead and craft all day.  Although that was tested once when I had a request to make a bunch of necklaces in a short period of time. My hand and fingers hurt so bad I thought, could I really do this?!

I had to make 12 of the above in 3 short days.  Now this might have been easy to do in 3 days, except one little issue....I work full time, and not as a beader.  Sigh.

You might already glean this, if you regularly read my blog, ...but for work, I am a private contractor working on marketing and event projects.  I rather enjoy it.  It brings home a fair paycheck and there is always a place for creativity in marketing and events!  Aside from the events I need to be present at, I work from home.  That is a huge blessing as a parent and I feel very, very lucky that even though I work full time, I can sneak away to do field trips, stay home if my son is sick, lunch with a friend (hey a girl's gotta eat), etc...without anyone noticing or caring for that matter!   Sneaking away to bead is another matter....I have a pretty strict work ethic and even thinking about sneaking away to bead, gives me just too much guilt.  So beading time is usually reserved for evenings and weekends.

I suspect that is the case for many other beaders out there and it makes me curious - - what do YOU do for work?  If you care to answer below, it might be fun to see the diverse work that is done by people in the blogosphere.  SAHM's feel free to answer too - I know you work all day too!!!
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  1. I don't know if I could do repetitious work like you did, which by the way those pendants are very pretty. I really do not like to repeat something I made, but I would if it is for a good reason. Your job sounds interesting and fun, but I'm sure it is a lot of work.

  2. Hi,Amy:
    Beautiful beadwoven letter- pendants,but I think, such amount,as You have mentioned makes the work very strenuous.
    I've taken part in Your poll.

  3. Those are lovely, and extremely neatly done. My wife went through a beading spell last year, she made lots of little trinkets, animals etc. to exchange at a Guide camp. They were a big hit.

  4. They look great! I know the feeling, I feel like I have no time to bead as I work full time as a medical receptionist.. But I try to squeeze in as much as I can without going TOO insane ;) lol



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