Friday, April 27, 2012

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Cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater!  That's me!  I searched long and hard for an "X" topic....and alas....couldn't come up with much.  Last year I wrote about "xanthic" which was a fun commentary on things colored yellow.  But since I couldn't drum up a true "X" topic....I'm cheating.

X is for x-claimation points - of which I admittedly overuse!!! (I can't help it - they are such wonderful x-pressions of enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

X is also for x-cited!  Which I am for many reasons!

The first is that I finally saw the Bead & Button spread, featuring one of the squares I contributed!

I am proud to be in the company of several other Maryland beaders in this feature! I did four squares for the project (one for every breast cancer survivor I know), but the swan featured above, I worked up during a fun event at Bead Soup on new years day.  The store's owner, Kathy, generously donated kits for beaders to create Baltimore orioles (see them in the spread?!)  What great energy there was that day!!!

I was also rather x-cited to see some of the patterns I created for use on this project, have been used!   It's such a great project, and I can't wait to see what the theme will be for next year!

Also x-citing, is that the focals came for the next challenge!  I have plenty to go around this time.

Here is an x-clusive sneak peek!

I am going to start putting kits together this week.  I think the cost will be around $4 for this challenge kit. If you are interested in participating, feel free to sign up for the challenge kit newsletter (there's a widget on the left side bar - if you participated last time- you're already on the list!)   Kits will be available for purchase May 8, with a reveal date of June 25.   

And finally another x-citing thing is that the Beading Babes reveal is this Sunday.  I have two pieces done, but like many of the other Babes, I am still working on my trellis rope.  

Wow - I can't believe there are only two letters left for the A-Z challenge!!!  


  1. Hi Amy,
    I'm x-cited for you, it is so wonderful to know someone that has been published in one of my favorite magazines and for a x-cellent cause.
    Oooo love the sneak peak for the next challenge, I hope I am able to get a kit, but if not I will love hopping around to see what everyone has made with their's.
    I only have two of the projects done for Beading Babes and I am working on the trillis necklace too, but I don't think I will be finished by reveal day, so I will just take a picture of what I do have done.

  2. I like x-clamation points too!!! As you can see! I brought the magazine to beading the other day and everyone was very excited about th representation from Maryland.
    And, the new challenge IS x-citing! So, is the Beading Babes reveal on Sunday. I had to shorten my trellis rope because I didn't have enough netting beads, so the necklace is finished but I'm undecided about a clasp. But, I can't wait to see what everyone did.

  3. Xciting Happy Dancing with you!!! You have such a generous heart and I am so happy that the world can see it too! Keepin my fingers crossed I can get me a kit!!!!! Doing this with you is so much fun!

  4. Congratulations!!! Very X-citing to be featured like that!!! WHOO HOO!!! Yes, X was a difficult letter. My first post that I deleted was an anti-algebra/geometry rant about "Find X". lol

  5. Well, I'm amazed that you found anything X related. Very clever of you. I can't get your newsletter link to open (keeps timing out), but I'd love to participate in the next challenge. Big congrats on being published. You totally deserve it.

  6. Hi Amy, It's no wonder you are so x-cited. congrants on being featured once again. I signed up for the kit.

  7. Congats on having your swan in Bead & Button and a "big" picture one too! It is definitely well deserved and it was so exciting to open up the issue and see that Maryland was so well represented. Thank you for helping Bead Soup get in the online issue and now the paper issue.
    Hope to see you soon


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