Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Plain Fun!

What's so fun, you ask?!  For starters, Erin over at Treasures Found::Inspiration is everywhere, is doing story challenge with comments - she began a story and every comment is a continuation of the story.  It's so fun, and it's fun to see where the story goes after you add a line!  And to top it off, she's doing a giveaway of her Simple Truth's Sampler....the story will be open til tomorrow, so check it out!

Another activity I'm filing under fun, is the wonderful treat I gave myself yesterday!  As I've mentioned (probably ad nauseum), I work full time.  But I am quite blessed to have found work that I do from home, so the truth is, my schedule is very flexible, as long as I'm getting my work done!

A few weeks ago I put it on my calendar, to spend some time at Bead Soup (in Savage, MD), during their Wednesday beading circle.  So, yesterday, I packed up my Beading Babes' Four Leaf Clover project and headed out to Bead Soup!  All the ladies that I've met over there are just lovely (and they do beautiful beadwork!).  While it is a treat to spend time with ALL the wonderful Maryland beaders, Maryanne of Zingala's Workshop also planned to do some beading there yesterday!  She is so nice and so fun to hang out with!  Doesn't it look like we're having a good time?!?! 

We all laughed a lot yesterday afternoon and as I returned home, I promised myself to carve out more time to spend with these gals!  If you are ever in Maryland - you must stop by Kathy's store, Bead Soup, in Savage Mill. There is a great energy at the store, very welcoming, encouraging and interesting....and she's got a great selection of beads at her store.  I treated myself to a handful of 3mm pearl strands, for my second Four Leaf Clover cuff!  That pattern works up really quickly and looks great!

In other Beading Babes news, my Artbeads order came in which has my tilas and 14mm coin beads for the Nefertiti pattern.  Now I just need to decide if I want to do my second cuff or my Nefertiti pattern next!

Also in this order are some of the crystals and chatons I need to start working on the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ornament.  I am DETERMINED to get ahead of myself with my holiday beadwork this year!!! 

Here's another pattern that works up quickly - the oval shaped peyote links (Diane Fitzgerald's book).  I made these earrings for my stepdaughter's birthday (also yesterday!)  I'm finding these shaped peyote pieces are a great go-to pattern for a quick gift item.


  1. Love the oval shape Amy! How cool!!

  2. Love the earrings, I need to learn how to do that.

  3. Aww I am so jealous that you lovely ladies can get together to bead..not to mention work on your Beading Babes projects! Looks like you had a great day!

    I love those earrings too Amy. I used that peyote link in my Runway of Pearls bracelet as the toggle!


  4. Such pretty earrings! Glad you found a beading group to join too! :D

  5. You do look like you're having fun! What an awesome time to spend some time, doing what you love with people you love.

  6. I'm so happy that you were able to join us for beading, Amy! We do have fun when we get together. I love your earrings. That oval pattern is one of my favorites from Diane Fitzgerald's book. Your Four Leaf Clover bracelet was looking great the other day, too. Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Hey wait is that the UPS man running away in the background???? What a great day of fun on Wed. I think that I beaded one picot on my Rivoli so not much beading was done by me but the inspiration and laughing was much needed. Can't wait to get totally moved into the new space so new classes and guest artists can start arriving and really look forward to you coming back and hanging out with us. Hope to see everyone soon....happy beading

  8. Hi Amy,
    Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time at Bead Soup. The Four Leaf Clover bracelet is a fast project. I have two of them done already. Now I need to work on my other challenge pieces for May 31st. My supplies for the necklace have not arrived yet. I can not quite tell but, I think I almost order the same color as you did, than at the changed my mind and went with another color.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!

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