Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge

I guess there is a reason these challenges are called challenges!

I loved the idea of monochromatic work.  I have done it before but not all that frequently.  I picked orange as my challenge color, because I love orange.

It's the color of my iPad cover....

My Kindle cover....

And I have a lot...did I say A LOT?...of orange beads!

I've done a lot of pieces with featuring the color orange, and when I started looking around my craft/bead room, I saw that I showcase some of my orange-y pieces right there in my creative space! 
(That poor hummingbird didn't quite make it to the Bead-It-Forward quilt in time for the deadline!)

So I picked orange for my challenge color and saw right away that I've done some earrings in all orange.

But for this challenge, I decided I wanted to work on one of the beaded beads, featured in Beadwork.  After taking a quick inventory I selected the following beads to create Gwen Fisher's beaded bead. 

Now all these selected beads had some type of orange word in the name...."pumpkin", burnt orange", "tangerine", "peach", etc...  And as you can see - they are ALL varying shades of orange.  Some with stronger tones of yellow, some with more red, some just a very pure orange....

However - once they were put together - it just didn't feel monochromatic at ALL!

It seemed to me the burnt orange looked brown, the tangerine looked yellow and the pearlized peach looked gold!

In a fit of disappointment, I started working on another beaded bead, but the one pictured below is simply humongous.  It wasn't sitting right and at this unfinished state, it was already as wide as a half dollar!!

They say 'hind sight is 20/20", and if I could do this over again, I would probably focus on a peyote piece, using my range of orange delicas. 

I very much enjoyed this challenge, even though I found it somewhat challenging.  It was interesting to see the different oranges play against each other and it was definitely a learning experience! 

There is a rainbow of colors waiting to be seen today!  Please check out the other participants:

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  1. Hi,Amy:
    Fine color You have choosen.I can say-I regret a little not having tackled the challenge,but thanks to Your list I can also find and discover lots of new blogs,I didn't know before and see,how many fine,orange things,You've made before and now-to get prepared for this challenge.
    I like all of them.They are sunny and fine ideas have been used to create them.I love both pairs of earrings.
    I'll check down Your list below,thought so far as I can see,more beaders have taken part in the challenge,than beadweavers,whose work I am more interested in,but I think,they are still many blogs there worth being observed by me.

  2. Well, from another orange lover, I can see why you thought your first bead didn't look monochromatic. But, I think it looks great! Of course, as we've said before, photographs and real life sometimes show the same colors differently! It's still a beautiful bead and I think most people would read it as monochromatic orange!

  3. I love orange too, but for some reason I don't have many beads in this color. I'll have to change that.

    Your creations are lovely! I enjoyed seeing the different techniques you used in each of them.

  4. Your lovely work gave me more of an appreciation for orange. I've always leaned towards the blue/purple/green palette and my work reflects that a lot. It's always a challenge for me to work in oranges and yellows.

  5. I love what you created with all those shades of orange! The earrings are beautiful, I love the beadwoven circles! I don't think you should be disappointed with the orange hues in the beaded pendant! It's gorgeous!!! Amy, thank you so much for participating in the hop!

  6. Regardless of the finished product... wasn't it fun just to play in your favorite color? I love your beaded bead even if it didn't "feel" monochromatic when it was done. Have a fantastic weekend Amy!

  7. I too love orange and I love your woven beads. Both of them. They look shades of orange to me and you should be very proud of them. Great job!

  8. Hi Amy,
    Your beaded beads are beautiful. It is disappointing when you see different shades of one color separate and you think that they are just the right shades to bring together, then once they are all together they take on a new shade. They are still gorgeous. I would love to see the last one finished I think it would look beautiful hanging from a herringbone rope.

  9. I really like the beaded bead on the long chain ... it is lovely!

  10. ADORE the seed beads -- the colors are smashing. And I liked the little tour of your orange goodies!

  11. It's funny how different hues will become more pronounced when they're closer together. The lesson I learned some times ago was another funny one: I picked the beads at the store: gemstones and some seed beads too... sead beeds were in plastic bags, gemstones - not. When I brought them home - suddenly, when taken out of their bags, the seed beads took an entirely other hue :)

    Your beads are beautiful, I love them! Like Therese said - I'd love to see them in a finished piece!

  12. Wow, you really do have a vast array of orange beads! Those earrings are yummy. As well, that first necklace is really cool. I think you succeeded in the monochromatic theme nicely. You did an excellent job showcasing all the different personalities of orange!

  13. I've been really drawn to orange lately, and I love your covers for your iPad & Kindle ;) And the pieces you've done here are just gorgeous too!

  14. Amy, all of those are beautiful! I love seeing all of your beadwork. The beaded beads are wonderful and I really do like the first one. I am in awe of the orange beads you have stashed away. I also noticed that the orange shades sometimes played oddly with each other. Some of my orange beads looked yellow against other beads. Some beads I thought were brown looked like a warm orange.

  15. I love that bead that you were disappointed in, Amy! It's because it does use all orange but you see the variations so clearly that makes me love it! I guess that's why you didn't love it. lol. It still fills the bill of monochromatic and is beautiful, too! Hooray!

  16. I do love all your beads, the earrings are just so cute! I wish I could stitch like that! I love beaded beads! My next creative task will be learning that!

  17. I never realised that there were so many shades of orange! I think I may even be won over and stop avoiding the colour! Beautiful work.

  18. Man, you do have a great stash of orange! I disagree with you - I think your beaded bead is STUNNING just the way it is...I see no brown, as you do...and it looks especially gorgeous flying solo on the silver chain! Everything is beautiful!

  19. Beautiful beads! I cannot even imagine the construction!

  20. How fun that you had so many shades of orange to choose from -- isn't it interesting to see how they play together? I like the beaded bead you finished, and the second one looks to be great fun. A bold bead for a bold color!

  21. I have the same orange iPad cover.....and I love your beaded beads. They are a work of art themselves - beautiful!

  22. I'm so glad you picked orange, your beadwork is delicious and the beaded beads are beautiful.

  23. I love orange and I love beaded beads, and as far as I'm concerned, the pieces you created are PERFECT! Now all I need to do is get myself that orange Kindle cover to match my orange cell phone cover and I will be good to go! =)

  24. That beaded bead is so cool!! It's still monochromatic - no need for disappointment :)

  25. Laughing! You my dear have orange! I love beaded beads and have made only simple ones into Christmas ornaments. Love your beadwork. Finish that last one!!

  26. Even though the finished product wasn't quite what you hoped for, I think your beaded beads turned out very pretty! I also like orange and have a plethora of orange beads!

  27. Great peak into your studio! Thanks for sharing. And as for your beaded bead not looking monochromatic - that's one of the interesting aspects of working with tints, shades and hues of the same color - that you can acheive a sense of greater color range while staying wiithin one color family.

  28. I loved the peek into your creative space, and just adore that Gwen Fisher beaded bead!

  29. So sorry to just be getting to your color challeng post - I'm still hopping around trying to get through them all. I love your beaded-beads - they're perfect!! And, thanks for sharing all your lovely beads in the photos - those are simply yummy!! I thing the shades/hues of orange you used are so wonderful - a very beautiful set of pieces. I'm kinda fond of those first pair of earrings though - those are truly beautiful!!

  30. Did you say that orange was your favorite color? Love your collection of orange designs. Beautiful

  31. I adore beaded beads and your Gwen Fisher bead is wonderful! I love the various shades of orange. Your previous necklace with the leaf is really beautiful!

  32. I like your beaded bead :-) It's great!

  33. Your beadwork is beautiful and I love what you made, especially round beaded pendant!

  34. I love the pix of your workspace. Guess this wasn't toto much of a challenge, was it?!


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