Monday, May 7, 2012

Reflections on Blogging from A-Z

Today is the day that all the A-Z participants are designated to reflect on their Blogging from A-Z experience.

Compared to last year, I really enjoyed it.  Last year, I learned about it and decided to do it, one day before the challenge began!  This year, I planned to do it much further in advance. After I signed up, I realized I'd be traveling for the first few days of the challenge, so I decided to plan out and pre-write the posts for those days.   While I was doing that, it occurred to me that I should plan out the whole month!

It helped very much to have a theme.  It keeps you focused.  So with a theme and a plan, I plotted out the 26 posts (well....most of them....about 4 of the letters were thought up on the day before - or day of!)

Having the plan, didn't make the blogging so difficult.  The toughest part was gathering up and editing photos for the posts.  That always takes up more time than I realize it will!

Other than the photos, the another difficult part of the challenge for me, were the days I couldn't really come up with much for a good bead topic for the given letter (j,v,y,x). 

The most popular post (based on comments) was the R post, when I had the Reveal for the challenge kit I created. That was a big thrill for me, since I had participants and lots of people checking it out!  (next kit will be available at the end of May/early June with an end of summer reveal date!)

My biggest regret for this challenge was that I just didn't have enough time to visit as many other challenge participants as I would have liked.    But, with that being said, I was able to get acquainted with some new blogs/bloggers this time around which is one of my goals while doing this challenge!

But what I loved most about the challenge, was the connection I felt to so many other beaders.  It was so great to write about subjects that clearly stuck a chord with other beaders and that was just amazing. 

I will definitely do the challenge again, but I feel like I exhausted beading as a theme....luckily I have 11 months to start thinking about what I'll do in 2013!!!

Thanks to the hosts of the challenge, and to everyone that stopped by!


  1. With how busy you are I was amazed you did as much as you did. I loved your posts!

  2. Amy:
    But...all in all: it was the best'A to Z' challenge I've ever read.
    Fine experience-maybe next time I will also take part in.
    Warm Greets-Halinka-

  3. I am very happy to have found your beading blog. I love beads!!!!!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I feel I got to know you better though the A to Z challenge and I so enjoyed your posts.

  5. I wish I'd heard of that challenge when it started! Very cool!

  6. I've just been going through your last several blog posts and am dazzled, anew, by your talents. Especially now that I've seen your work close up and first hand! WOOT! Last night I came home from a very long and very obnoxious day at work and there, in my mailbox, was a PACKAGE from YOU! What a lift to my soggy, downtrodden spirits! Amy, the earrings you sent me are GLORGIOUS and GORGEOUS and all the best G words!!!! They are truly beautiful and I feel I don't deserve them at all but will still treasure them and will definitely wear them to work today. I'm sure they will make what could be another nasty day ever so much better. Thank you so very much!!! (hugs!)


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