Friday, May 4, 2012


TGIF, well, except I have to work tomorrow! Somehow, though, it still feels good that it is Friday.

This week I had an event to attend and had an orange shirt picked out to wear....just as I sat down to make something to go with it - I spied my Beading Babes Paisley Drop earrings and realized, the orange in the earrings matched my shirt.  So I whipped up a shaped peyote piece in an oval shape, embellished with some 15/0's and was all set! 

My mom's birthday is this weekend so I am just putting some finishing touches on this "At the Wheel" pendant featured in this month's Beadwork.

The pattern states that it works up quickly - and that is the truth.  It is a very well written pattern and I did all this in about 45 minutes.

Here is the back side.  

I didn't have the 30mm piece that is listed in the supply list for this piece, but the pearl mosaic bead featured here, is about 25mm so I made the bezel with 6 sides instead of 7, and it fit perfectly!

This is a great and fast project if you have a bunch of bugles laying around!

Tomorrow is the reveal for One Crayon Color Challenge!  This one definitely proved to be a challenge!


  1. Hi,Amy:
    The set is wonderful.Lovely stitch and the colors.Orange seems to be the color of the year,so it's a perfect shot.
    I also like that small one,with the use of straws-I'll have to find somewhere the interesting patterns,which use the glass straws,because I've got a big box with straws in all imaginable colors,but have used them only once in one red bracelet ant there were only the shorter ones.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Your pendant looks marvelous Baby, and goes great with the earrings! That is one good thing about being a crafty beady person you can always whip something up to wear with an outfit. I love the pendant and I bet your Mom will too. Are you going to stitch a rope for it or just put it on a chain? Have a great weekend, even though you have to work tomorrow. I have the next five days off Yahoo!

  3. I love the pendant you made to wear with your orange blouse! And the pendant for your mom is beautiful. I saw that one in the magazine and thought it was cool. I'll have to try it for sure now! Have a good weekend even though you're working! At least the weather should be good!

  4. I've never seen anything like that bugle bead piece! Lovely!

    (PS -- I see you're reading Game of Thrones - you have to let me know how you like it -- I've read all of them up to date).

  5. I have been browsing through your blog and these are amazing! I love playing around with beads and can never seem to find the right kind of jewelry for me. I would love to learn how to make some of these. How did you learn how to? Could you give me some tips?

    Thanks and again, beautiful work!!


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