Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny Tin Challenge!

(I had two challenge reveals today - click here for the Challenge of Literature reveal)
I just loved Michelle Mach's idea for this challenge.  I adore small containers and seem to collect them without even realizing it!!

This challenge was to take a tin for this kit (or both....or even another.....) and decorate it.

Here is how the tins looked to begin with:

For my first tin, I used a green enamel paint, and some of the pretty paper included in my tin kit.  I lined the inside with some pink satin:

I couldn't stop at just I did both....this one was painted with some of my hubs' flat camo paint (which was originally used to paint his truck), I embellished with a discarded bead woven piece, and the accent color on the tin is actually nail polish! (cream felt on the inside)

....and then I realized I had another tin just sitting around on my desk (I had broken up a set of these charms for my nieces and kept the tin....)... I decorated that one too!  Just a circle of pretty paper and some orange felt on the inside!

This was a fun challenge and I really enjoyed it.  I love any challenge like this where I am encouraged to think outside the bead box!

I've already had a chance to see some of the other participants' creations and I'm already blown away by the creativity displayed from this challenge.  You should check it out!  Here is a list of the other participants!
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  1. I love what you did with the tins. They're very cool!

  2. Oh, you are cracking me up with the truck paint and the nail polish!! :) I love how fresh and summery these feel. And the beaded piece is a brilliant idea!! Way to go, girl!

  3. I love each one of them! You are soo totally creative!

  4. Your tins are lovely. Each one is different in style and design but all of them are fun.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Love, love, love each one of your tins they are so sweet and pretty. You are so creative. I did not think about lining the inside of mine. My favorite is the second one with the beaded mofit on top beautiful!

  6. Amy, I love the beaded top and your choice of colors. How clever to use nail polish! Now I am thinking of raiding my teens collection!

  7. I love how you really got into the spirit and couldn't stop yourself. Kinda reminds me of me.... Anyhoo, I love your tins, lining the interiors was genius, and I love them all. The beaded one might be my fave, but beads are my crazy passion, and you used them so well. The others are so HAPPY! Thanks for sharing your cool art!

  8. SO pretty - the beading just takes it to another level!

  9. I really liked what you did with all your tins. The beaded medallion on the top of the tin is very beautiful.

  10. SWEET....and ohmigoodness, what a woman! Two hops in one day! You met the challenge for SURE!

  11. What a great idea to line the inside of the tin with felt or fabric! And reusing the truck paint! Inspiration *is* truly everywhere! I like your beaded tin, too. I have a whole bunch of those little beadwoven pieces that never made it into a full project and this would be the perfect way to use them up. Thanks for joining the challenge! (And doing two challenges on the same day--you must be way more organized than I am!)

  12. Wow, three?! I had touble with just one! I especially like the 2nd one. Gorgeous focal. Wish I was as creative!

  13. It's a tiny tin frenzy-LOL,what fun! The cameo is just too cute :) I'm going to look in my cabinet for old nail polish now...

  14. I love love LOVE teeny tins and jars too! They accumulate and I never know what to do w/ them.

  15. They are adorable!! You chose beautiful colors :)

  16. Hi Amy - Such fun tins! I think the middle one is my favorite - seed beads and nail polish - beautiful! I do, however, love the third one with the butterfly and orange felt - awesome summer colors! :)

  17. And that's a 'discarded' piece, you say?! All your tins are adorable!

  18. Love them all especially the one with the beaded embellishment

  19. I love your tins, what a great idea you had to use the metal paint, they turned out beautifully :-)


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