Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party Partner!

I had a very busy weekend and am still working through all the Beading Babes' reveals!!  I'm so blown away by all the colors and beads everyone used for both the patterns!!!

One of the highlights of the weekend was learning who my partner is for the Bead Soup Blog Party
Lori paired me with Polymer clay artist, Alenka Obid.  Alenka is new in the blog scene and resides Slovenia. I am terrible with my world geography and had to look up where this country was located!  
Her blog is Pepita Handmade.  Although her blog is new, she has some of her beautiful clay work on Flikr....check out these gorgeous flowers ... and this darling heart!

I really love what I've seen of Alenka's work, so I'm very excited to have her as my BSBP partner, and I'm happy to have made a new friend in another part of the world!  I sent Alenka's package yesterday!!!  Here's a sneak peek:

On Sunday I had to attend a gala for work....it was fun to dress up and of course make some things to go with my navy blue gown.  The theme of the event was "Hat's Off To Restaurants" so I created this piece and attached that beaded flower I completed last week! (in the end, I ended up removing the extra peacock feathers on top..s)
 Here was the necklace....a RAW adaptation:
 And the earrings!
Next up is the Jewelry Designs from Nature Challenge!  I am embarrassed to say I didn't see right away, that I was one of the LUCKY ones to be selected for this challenge, so I will be late in getting my 'inspiration kit' (eeeek - I am so excited!!!)....but luckily I won't have anything else pressing on the schedule when I receive the kit..... The reveal for that is on July 6.
Then after that I will be working on my own Summer Lovin' challenge kit - reveal date August 1....and then Bead Soup Blog Party for an August 11 reveal!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Wow I am still in the pulling ingredients together phase for my partner. I plan to get mine sent by the end of the month. The headpiece, necklace, and earrings are beautiful I am glad you had a good time at the Gala. Have fun with you up coming challenges. I have an idea or two for your Summer Lovin' challenge which I need to stop thinking about it and start creating.

  2. Alenka's flowers and heart are beautiful, lucky you. I love love love your necklace and earrings.

  3. I love the necklace and earrings, and the facinator is just great!! I hope you had as good a time at the gala as you must have looked :)!

  4. WOW that feather and flower together are awesome! And your necklace...so elegant!!!!


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