Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beading Babes Project 5 Reveal!

Happy Beading Babes Reveal day!!!!!

Us "Babes" had the pleasure of working two of Helena Tang-Lim's patterns.  One was featured in June 2012 issue of Bead & Button and the other, Helena generously offered at a discounted price to our group!

To be honest, I am not a huge Tila fan, so I decided to work the Four Leaf Clover pattern first.  This pattern worked up so fast and so easy, I can totally see why so many of us Beading Babes didn't stop at one! When I first started this pattern I didn't have any 3mm rounds, so I used FP Czech crystals. Although I like this bracelet, I could see right away how much prettier this would work up if I used the rounds!  The seed beads didn't hug the 3mm like they should! trip to Bead Soup later....I had a delicious selection of 3mm round glass pearls and worked up the pattern again! 
 I really love this bracelet!!!  It drapes like fabric when you are done.  And also - I haven't yet complimented Helena's great instructions.  Her tutorial was very easy to follow!

Now...onto "Echoes of Nefertiti".....
 I had full intentions of making the whole necklace...I even ordered the beads, special for this project!  Tila's and 14mm round discs!!!  But the truth is, I just didn't have the time to complete the whole piece, but I'm happy I did two components (slightly modified only because I wasn't paying attention to the instructions and just kept beading - instead of adding the crystal and 3 drops in the middle!).

Again, I really enjoyed Helena's concise instructions and how beautifully these great little components worked up! These will make a wonderful pair of earrings!

Thank you Karyn for hosting this fun group!!!  It is so fun to be a part of this international group and I love seeing all the beautiful work the beaders create from the same patterns!

I am also pleased to have been introduced to Helena's tutorials!  Because I am "not a huge Tila fan", I breezed right past Helena's necklace in the magazine.  But thanks to Karyn's great selection in patterns, I took a second look.  I checked out Helena's shop and also treated myself to Helena's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tutorial which I hope to start working on a few of these ornaments soon for great holiday gifts!!!
 I'll be writing soon about the Bead Soup Blog Party and my recently revealed partner!


  1. I love the way your cuffs turned out, Amy. I'm happy to see your first one finished after seeing it in progress! The second one looks great with the different color pearls. I love the two components you made for the necklace. I think they make great earrings and was thinking of making a pair of earring with the pattern too. You're right about Helena's patterns. They are so well written and easy to follow. I intend to make more of her designs.

  2. Hello,Amy:
    Both bracelets are very beautiful-the first one in so sweet colors.The lace stitch is my favorite one-it gives infinately many possibilities of beading combinations and the final effect can be very much surprising and different from our first visual plans.
    The Tila earrings are also fantastic.I love that design,mostly that recently I've been watching possibly all the news about Tila designs-I bought some of them,but haven't used them yet.
    Best Greetings-Halinka-

  3. Gorgeous bead choices!!! I am blown away by the coin disks you used in the earrings - where on earth did you get those, they look soooooo romantic!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely lovely job on both patterns!

  4. Yet again your twist on things, even lack of supplies, results in beautiful creations. I just love your blue cuff though. What great colors!

  5. Your bracelet is lovely! I loved how you used alternating colors of pearls. So romantic!

  6. Those all turned out beautifully. I love the bracelets and I love the pinks in the first one and the multiple colors in the second one are stunning. The earrings are wonderful. Those disks are a great choice. They remind me of antique buttons. (Note to self, find some buttons.) :) Whatever they are, they were a great choice.

  7. Hi Amy,
    Wow your bracelets are so beautiful. Love them both even though pink is my favorite color I am more attracted to the blue one with the different colors of pearls it is gorgeous. I love your two components from the necklace pattern, those disks are amazing, they will be very pretty earrings.
    I have bought three more of Helena's tutorials and I am itching to get started on the Tila Wheels one.

  8. Oh Amy! I love your earrings! How stunning and those beads! Both of your bracelets are amazing! I know about the time thing too!

  9. Looking at your beautiful projects has made me take a second look at both patterns! I think I want to make these. Beautiful job!

  10. I lurve the blue bracelet!!!!! So beautiful!

  11. Awesome Amy! I love them all!

  12. Beautiful work Amy! I love those Nefertiti earrings! I also love your first Four Leaf Clover cuff using the 3mm beads... really gives the piece a different look!

    Thanks so much for taking part in Beading Babes again and I look forward to seeing you for Project 6!


  13. Great job you have done on the earrings. Love the centres.

  14. Gorgeous, really love the mixed colour cuff. ;-)

  15. Ooh, I really like the shimmery-ness (!) of the fire-polished beads in your first bracelet - and the mixed colours in your second cuff. Interesting!

  16. I really love what you did with the earrings! The buttons in them are fabulous. The colors that you chose for the cuffs are lovely.


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