Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, it's Friday again and I definitely am feeling TGIF!  Tomorrow I only have to work for an hour or so....delivering produce to my farmer's market where we're having a hard time getting farmer's to come back each week! LOL!  Some day I'll write about how I feel like I'm starring on an episode of Laverne & Shirley each week this goes on!

Anyway - after I drop some stuff off at the market, I have another class at Bead Soup.  This time it will be for some beaded disc earrings that are pretty close in nature to the tutorial I did back in April for the A-Z Challenge!

Last week's class went great!  It was so cool to see the creations and color selections come to life as the students worked through this pattern!

I did this one during the class: 

Thanks to Kristen's test of the tutorial - she used the 3mm pearls and we saw that these round beads work great in this pattern as well!  THANK YOU KRISTEN!!! xoxoxoxo

More pics early next week of what the ladies do with my pattern tomorrow!  FOURTEEN lovely beaders.  I am beyond excited!!!!

(p.s. - if I haven't said so yet, I am in LOVE with  I thought I would be doomed when shut down, but PicMonkey is such an amazing, if not BETTER substitute!)


  1. Hi Amy,
    You are a good teacher your student's bracelets are gorgeous I really like the pink and orange one. Question- In your pattern material list you said to use 6mm bugle beads. I do not use bugles that often so I am not that familar with the sizes. Is a 6mm the same as a #3 or a #9 bugle?
    Have fun teaching the earring pattern, I am looking forward to seeing what your students create with your pattern.
    I love picmonkey too.

  2. great pattern! each one has it's own personality with the color choices!

  3. I love this pattern!!!! Beautiful bracelets.

  4. Love the colors in the bracelet that you made. Would you mind telling what the colors were?


  5. Woo hoo! Glad the class went well!

  6. This is such a beautiful pattern! Everyone picked wonderful colors and did a great job :-)


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