Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Soup is Here!!!


I am excited to once again, be a participant in the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson. Lori paired me with Alenka who is a very talented polymer clay artist who lives in Slovenia.  I was away for the week and was delighted to see a package from Alenka in my mail pile when I got home!!! 

Isn't the packaging adorable?!?

And here's what was inside:

oh my goodness!  Look at all of Alenka's handy work!

HOW LUCKY AM I!?!?!!!??!?!?!?!?!

Seriously - I was moved by the gorgeous beads and gorgeous focal and gorgeous clasp in this amazing bead soup!!
I just adore the sparkling gold flecks in these little pieces of artwork!

And, as if all these wonderful beads weren't enough....

Alenka also included a little something on the side just for me!

Feeling very lucky and very blessed indeed!!!

Did I mention that Alenka is a very talented polymer clay artist??!!!  You should check out her Flickr gallery at Pepita_handmade to see more of her work....and her blog is Pepita handmade.  Our Bead Soup Blog Party reveal date is August 11.  Glad I have plenty of time and hope I can do justice to these pretty polymer pieces!

(P.S.   Speaking of the Bead Soup Blog Party - Lori is doing a magnificent giveaway from her trip to the Bead & Button show.  It's not just a single giveaway - but a chance to have your name drawn to win one of five great giveaways! Check it out!)


  1. People who work with polymer clay just amaze me. I bow down to their talents! These are gorgeous, can't wait to see what you make.

  2. Is it bad this bead soup is making me crave sea food? *laughs*

  3. Hi Amy,
    Your bead soup is gorgeous! I love the crackled beads they look like real stone.
    Have fun creating with these beauties.

  4. oh, Amy, thank you very much for your post :-)
    i feel my face flushing right now ...

  5. Hey Amy,
    Love the soup especially the colors. Can't wait to see what you create. Check this my post if you would. I brag about you a bit.

  6. i am drooling! the rough crackles and focal and all the other wonderful beads are fantastic! i am not participating this year but will certainly have fun being a fly on the wall with these goodies you received.

  7. You totally know I am JEALOUS! All that orange!!!!!!

  8. What a pretty soup, I love orange! Those earrings are adorable too. :D

  9. I just love that focal and those crackle beads! And the fact that your soup is one of the few that I have seen in one of the year's colors is going to make it all the more special.

  10. I love the bright, summery colours of your bead soup. The polymer clay beads are super - I had no idea you could get that crackly, glittery look with polymer clay. Your partner is one talented artist. Can't wait to see your reveal pieces on Aug 11!


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