Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jewelry Designs from Nature Challenge Blog Hop

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being selected to participate in Heather Powers' Jewelry Designs from Nature Challenge!

Heather dreamed up this challenge as a celebration inspired by her book Jewelry Designs from Nature.  "This is a creative blog challenge.  10 winners will be sent a packet and have a few weeks to create a piece of jewelry inspired by their packets."

I received my packet while traveling to set up my temporary housing for the next few months, which just happens to be near......
......THE SEA!

This package couldn't have been more perfect for the moment I was in!

I received two beautiful coin size pieces, that Heather perfectly created, with starfish on them!  (The pics of my pieces are on a computer that died that week!! But you'll see them as you scroll down below)

We had just been to the bay side of the peninsula the day before, and my son was finding tons and tons of sea glass and gorgeous shells.
Goodness!  Such a serious beachcomber!

So when I got my package, my first thought was to pair it with some of the sea's real treasures that we found the day before...

(Please excuse the blurry phone picture!)

But then, my embroidery mojo just wasn't there every time I came back to this set-up.   So instead, I used the amber sea glass (yes, I do realize that was probably once part of a broken beer bottle....but wow - after all the sea tumbling, it was quite pretty!) to get me going and then I really enjoyed where the challenge took me! There is also slight amber colored translucency to the starfish, and in person it is highlighted well with the amber colored seed beads!

I loved the idea of using pearls with this because of their connection to the sea.  But I also felt compelled to use the sandy colored Swarovski crystals I had on hand, because I love the fantasy of finding a long lost sparkling treasure in the sea! 

Thank you so much Heather, for hosting this fun challenge!  I really enjoyed it and loved that fact that "the sea" was my theme (though frankly I would have loved any of them!!!).  Not only is Heather the author of Jewelry Designs by Nature, but she's also a talented polymer clay artist (her business is Humblebeads) and a contributor on Art Bead Scene.

I know in the weeks to come, I will be working through the other starfish piece.  Maybe even do the embroidery with the shell and sea glass!

In the meanwhile - please check out the other winners that were selected to take part in this challenge!

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  1. Beautiful necklace! Your beadwork is gorgeous!

  2. wow! your beadwork is very nice! I love the sea, and I love this necklace. Can't wait to see what you do with the other starfish

  3. Wow,Amy,WOOW! How I love those marine topics:-)Fantastic necklace.Avsolutely Summer design.The Nature always supplies with the best ideas of patterns.I have also collected some fine shells and ammonites-a pity,the challenge has gone-I'd willingly have taken part in one like that.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  4. This is beautiful, Amy! I love using sea colors in the summertime. The pearls are perfect with it. Hope all is going well with the move!

  5. So full of seaside inspiration! One fantastic creation.

  6. Beautiful beadwork! What a stunning necklace.

  7. Gorgeous necklace. Longing for a trip to the beach now.

  8. Hi Amy,
    Your necklace is beautiful! Your bead work is always amazing, you are an inspiration to me. Have fun combing the beach while you are living near the sea!

  9. Your beaded bezel is brilliant! (Wow, I keep doing these alliterative things.) What a great frame for the polymer clay. I love the rustic feel of the pendant with the luxurious feel of the beads. Love the amber colors!

  10. Love the use of pearls - brilliant connection and they look beautiful incorporated with the rest of the piece. Your beadwork is lovely and intricate. Absolutely lovely!

  11. I always love seeing my pieces incorporated into seed bead work. The packets were mailed randomly - I had no idea who got what, so it just worked out perfectly that you got a sea themed one. The beach inspired color palette works so nicely contrasted with the pale, white-washed tones of the charm.

  12. Your necklace is beyond gorgeous! I am always in awe of anyone that can work with those tiny beads and turn out masterpieces.

  13. I particularly love peach pearls and how yours fit in with the contrasting colors of your beadwork. They set off the pale charm beautifully.

  14. Oh yes, lovely warm sunshine filled seas come through, beautiful!

  15. WOW, the neklace is really beautiful!!! and the colours are just perfect together ... Well, I'm just discovering what a great pieces can be created with those little sead beads ...

  16. That's some work of love you have there - everything is perfect: colours, the mix of bead weaving with the pendant, the feel of 'I am going to the beach and I will have soooooo much fun!' :)

  17. Beautiful piece and I love how it all ties into the sea and where you'll be living. Ah...to return to the sea. I used to live in Savannah. As soon as we can, we're moving back!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, by the way! It was good to hear from you.

    Have a great week!

  18. Perfect piece - like little grains of sand. The bezel is such a perfect complement for Heather's starfish. Congrats!

  19. What a beautiful tribute to the sea! I love how serendipity played a role in your pieces. How cool to have that inspiration in your own backyard so to speak! Enjoy the day. Erin

  20. oh, to live by the sea...how wonderful for you amy!!! and, what inspiration! your work is gorgeous as always. have fun on this new adventure!!

  21. Very creative. What a fun packet to get in the mail, although if it were me I wouldn't have come up anything as quite as nice.

    Wrote By Rote

  22. Beautiful seed bead work, and the colors are so evocative of beach sand!

  23. I can not believe I missed this! How gorgeous this is and I so wish I could see it in person!!!! You got awesome skillz girlfriend!


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