Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon...

"The moon will wax to its full phase at 9:58 a.m. EDT Friday, bringing August's full moon count to two (the first one occurred Aug. 1). Two full moons won't rise in a single month again until July 2015."

Happy Blue Moon!  It seems like that's how often I've been posting lately  - once in a blue moon!!

Truth is, and I don't like to complain on my blog too much, but I've been nursing a shoulder injury since my move last month and it's really affecting my beading and my computing!   

I've slowly, but surely been working on my project for Beading Babes.  I miss my old bead room, but I'm managing just fine at the dining room table!

One thing I have been doing religiously is walking down to the Bay.  It's only a quarter mile away from our house, so I usually take one of the pups and go hang out at the little walking bridge and think and plan for a little bit.

And sometimes I am lucky to catch a pretty sunset!

There are so many wonderful birds out there, but they hardly ever show up on my phone camera pictures!
It's Friday, so that means a free pattern.  So here is a cute little lily!  These squares measure 1.5"x1.5" and have been designed to use for the Bead-It-Forward quilt project for 2013!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free stuff!

Happy Friday!
This week I've been busy working on my Beading Babes project. The reveal date has been moved back a couple weeks, however, I promised it to someone for the 2nd so I'm planning on getting it done by then.  The project I selected is Josephine's collar. I really like how this is working up so far! 

In the meanwhile - I have a new 'go to' pattern.  I have mentioned it before, and it's totally worth mentioning again - but it's Kristen's Pop-Up Pearls bracelet!  Seriously - this tutorial is awesome. Easy to read and understand, and it works up quick.  And once you start playing around with colors - the possibilities are endless.  My stepdaughter's birthday is today and I sent her this since she loves lots of colors for her jewelry:

See how pretty this is with all the different colors?! If you haven't checked it out yet - I urge you to do so!!!  You won't be sorry to have this tutorial in your arsenal!

Speaking of tutorials - I quickly worked up a tutorial for the ring I created over the weekend.  It's nothing fancy - hand drawn and photographs - so don't get too excited.  But it is free!  If you are already experienced in right-angle-weave, this ring should take you about 15  minutes to complete.   It's THAT easy!  And if you are a beginner, like my friend was over the weekend, it shouldn't take much longer than 30-45 minutes.  Yes, it's THAT easy!

I'm calling it the Pearl Bezel Ring.  Click on either of the pictures, or here, for a link to the tutorial. 

But wait - there's MORE!  Bead & Button recently announced their theme for next year's Bead-It-Forward quilt project.   It's "Flowers: Stitching to find a bloomin' cure".  Love it.  All the details are on their site here.  The deadline is March 1, 2013, so there's a little over 6 months to start working on your squares.  So my goal is to once again, create at least one square for every survivor I know.  But also to create at least one pattern every week, and post it here on Fridays.  The patterns will also be on my free patterns page.
So here is a peyote pattern, measuring 1.5x1.5inches, (two drop, so it should work up rather quickly!), free for anyone to use for the Bead-it-Forward quilt project!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back at it!

Well...after moving a few weeks ago, settling in, and then having a handful of visitors....our life is finally starting to get into a routine!  Which thankfully means I am able to get a little more beading (and blogging) in! 

One exciting new change in my day, is that I am homeschooling my son.  Since we are only going to be here for another couple months, I wasn't crazy about the idea of putting him in a new school, only to pull him out and put him in another new school, all within a 4 or 5 month period.  So homeschooling it is.
In case you are wondering - homeschooling is not a walk in the park!  It takes a lot of preparation and I'm sure I'll learn in the coming weeks, it also takes a lot of discipline.  I am still working (nearly) full time, so it is a fine balance. It's only been one day - but we both felt like this afterward....
.....hopefully in January we'll be feeling the same way!!!

In my beading world, I recently completed this two-drop peyote cuff.  I love, love, love how the pattern turned out.  I'm not a huge animal print fan, but it was a gift for a loved one who enjoys animal print.  I would already love to see this in other colors! The pattern is posted on my "free patterns" page, so feel free to recreate this!  

We had visitors over the weekend and while we were putzing around town one day, my friend saw some beaded rings and loved them.  I said - I can make something like that for you!  Once she saw me make one, she wanted to learn how to do it and we made a couple more rings.  It was so fun and she was a great student.  I plan on making the crystal & pearl ring into a tutorial in the coming days!

Next up.....Josephine's Collar for the upcoming Beading Babes project!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enjoy the Party!

This is my third time participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party and I've really enjoyed it every time.

For this round, my partner is Alenka, of Pepita Handmade.  She sent me a generous and gorgeous Bead Soup.

Over the last few weeks I've not only had the pleasure of playing and creating with these little beauties, but I also made a new friend!  Alenka and I have a lot in common and she has shared so many wonderful tidbits about her country, Slovenia.  This round for me was definitely enriched by making my acquaintance with Alenka!

So without further ado - I here is what I did!

In the beginning, I was contemplating doing one piece that would incorporate all the beads.  Unfortunately this direction made me stall like crazy.  I just wasn't 'feeling it' every time I thought about putting them all together.  I finally realized, when I started pairing some delicas with all the polymers, that the red disc beads, were on a different place on the color wheel and it wasn't going to work for me if I combined those discs with the rest of the soup....

So with that in mind, and focusing on that spectacular focal....everything started to fall into place!

I mentioned this when I first revealed my soup, but there are such amazing tiny gold flecks in this focal, it really shimmers and shines in the light. Can you see them!?

I was happy with the result, but then I really liked it so much more, when I saw how it fell on the chest/neckline when being worn!

So then I was left with more beads!!!  And since I was loving up those gold flecks, I decided to tackle the red discs next, because they are also covered in those pretty golden flecks.  I tried a gold charlotte bezel for them.  Unfortunately, it was an epic fail, for when I tried to get around the bezel my needle simply wouldn't go into any of the beads again! Humph!

That gave me a fits, so at that point I opted for a simpler design:

And finally - it was time to contemplate these leftovers!

Yabba, dabba DOOO!!!!!!  I LOVE these beautiful cracked beads, and I just kept thinking of Wilma Flintstone every time I looked at them!  I love the pre-historic feel to them....almost like an archeological treasure has been unearthed!

So the only piece I didn't utilize from my soup was the wire hook, but I will certainly use it in another piece, one day soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by for the party.  Thank you to Lori for hosting this fun event! And thank you again to my awesome partner Alenka!  Please be sure to check out all the other wonderful creations in this party by clicking here, or on their links below!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BSBP Reveal in just a few days!

It's hard to believe that August 11 is just around the corner.  I've been working hard on my BSBP piece with the gorgeous soup my partner, Alenka, sent me!  Although from the looks of it, I may be preparing two pieces, since I received such a generous soup!
Be sure to stop by this weekend to see the results of all the participants.  Click HERE to see a list of the participants for the August 11 reveal.  

I'm also working on a cuff for a b-day present.  I created this pattern and will post both the pattern and the outcome when I'm done, and the b-day present is in the hands of the recipient!
When you follow a peyote (or other off loom weaving pattern), does your paper look like this?

In the meanwhile, I'm back to work full time after settling in.  But I'm still able to take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery around me!

♥ this boy....(and his plaid & striped ensemble!)

See you this weekend for the party!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hello all!   Well, we've been moved in for the last week and I'm finally starting to feel settled in! I still have a handful of boxes to unpack and then I'll be done!

I just posted a new page which has a gallery of all the creations made from the wonderful beaders who participated in the Summer Lovin' kit challenge.  Please check it out if you haven't had a chance to see all the wonderful work!  I am so grateful for the interest in these kit challenges. I just love to see the amazing individuality shine through, even though everyone starts with the same kit.   As always it was a huge inspiration.  I am doing a drawing for the participants, but I haven't unpacked the prize yet  - - but I will do it this week!

I'm still feeling a little behind on my beading projects.  Next up is the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal coming up on August 11..  I just started working on that and hope I can do justice in showcasing Alenka's beautiful polymer clay work!

After that I have two important people with birthdays that I need to make some items for.  And then I am planning to participate in round 6 of the Beading Babes project - only one project this time around.  I am planning to do "Josephine's Collar"...however, I ordered and received and photographed the 22X30mm crystal for the focal, but now I have misplaced it! LOL!  I am sure I put it somewhere "safe" since I did all this when I hadn't set up my temporary beading area!   My camera is in this special place no beadwork photos today....instead you will have to suffer through some shots off my phone! ;)

My cute dogs, Molly and Bingo.  Hahah - aren't they funny they way they sit there in the same position!!!???  I ♥ them!!!!

And a gorgeous sunset I captured while walking them one night this week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Lovin' Kit Challenge - Reveal Day!

I have a confession - I didn't get started on this piece until just a few days ago!! With the move, and the settling in, and some kind of icky pulled muscle in my beading shoulder, it was tough to get to beading.

Here is the kit all the participants received.
I had some ideas for this kit - that would really maximize the beads with the kit, but instead, I kept going back to some delicas that I felt 'would go with' the focal.  Although the kit was very neutral, I kept feeling like it was asking for color.  Then I noticed some Czech FP beads that went with the delicas, that went with the focal....and then I ended up with a huge departure from my original ideas.   But hey, I am guessing that happens to lots of beaders!!

First - I want to say thanks to all the participants!!  I was blown away by the interest in this kit,and I really can't wait to see all the creations.

And speaking of the participants, here is a list of the participants for the Summer Lovin' Kit:
Lori B. (no blog as of the time of this post)
Lucy K. (no blog at the time of this post, but see below for her creation!)
Debbie Beechy Beetique

Lucy K., hailing from Victoria, Australia, created this wonderful necklace:

Here's what Lucy had to say about her creation:
It is my version of the Faerie Vine necklace by Laura Jean McCabe with the focal you provided attached.

I purchased the leaves and flowers that I used for this design, when I was getting some 3mm beads for one of the Beading Babe's last challenge patterns "Four Leaf Clover Cuff" by Helena Tang Lim.

The pearls and crystals you provided in the kit have also been included.

Plaiting the necklace was fiddly but I got used to it.

I attached a leather piece to each end to make it more comfortable to wear and because I prefer a longer necklace.

Here is what I created with the kit.

Participants can also enter their post on the linky tool below! In a couple of days I'm going to add all the participants creations to a gallery page.
Thanks for stopping by!