Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hello all!   Well, we've been moved in for the last week and I'm finally starting to feel settled in! I still have a handful of boxes to unpack and then I'll be done!

I just posted a new page which has a gallery of all the creations made from the wonderful beaders who participated in the Summer Lovin' kit challenge.  Please check it out if you haven't had a chance to see all the wonderful work!  I am so grateful for the interest in these kit challenges. I just love to see the amazing individuality shine through, even though everyone starts with the same kit.   As always it was a huge inspiration.  I am doing a drawing for the participants, but I haven't unpacked the prize yet  - - but I will do it this week!

I'm still feeling a little behind on my beading projects.  Next up is the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal coming up on August 11..  I just started working on that and hope I can do justice in showcasing Alenka's beautiful polymer clay work!

After that I have two important people with birthdays that I need to make some items for.  And then I am planning to participate in round 6 of the Beading Babes project - only one project this time around.  I am planning to do "Josephine's Collar"...however, I ordered and received and photographed the 22X30mm crystal for the focal, but now I have misplaced it! LOL!  I am sure I put it somewhere "safe" since I did all this when I hadn't set up my temporary beading area!   My camera is in this special place no beadwork photos today....instead you will have to suffer through some shots off my phone! ;)

My cute dogs, Molly and Bingo.  Hahah - aren't they funny they way they sit there in the same position!!!???  I ♥ them!!!!

And a gorgeous sunset I captured while walking them one night this week!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Glad you are getting settled in. I do that all the time put something where I won't lose it and then I can not remember where I put it. Those are some cute puppies. I have been working on my BSBP piece all day today.

  2. Love the Sunday sunset. Can you send me some bio info please and hugs Tanya

  3. What a gorgeous sunset!! And your dogs are really cute :-)
    Can't wait to see what are you gonna do with my beads .....

  4. I'm glad to hear you're settling in. Even your adorable dogs look content!

  5. Awww Molly & Bingo are so CUTE!!!!! Beautiful sunset!


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