Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Look at me posting more than once in a week!!

These days I am racing to finish this bracelet.

It's a request from my mom, and a likeness to the logo of the company she works for.   Next week she is going to be at a huge convention and requested I make this cuff.  Which of course, I am happy to oblige, but I forget sometimes that I am a very, very, slooooooooooow peyote stitcher!

I am still finishing up my bestie's necklace, but we decided to exchange b-day gifts when we see each other in a few weeks.  So I won't be in such a rush and get frustrated when this happens:

(When will I learn the actual amount of thread I can use without having these issues!!!)

Homeschooling is going well.  Preparation was a bit of a struggle at first (read that: I didn't realize how much time preparing for the school day would take).  But now that I'm into a groove, I can honestly say it's going great.  I love the flexibility.  For instance, today, it was so beautiful out, I pulled a zoo scavenger hunt off the internet and off to the zoo we went.  We both had a lot of fun, and both learned a lot!!!

I saw so many gorgeous colors at the zoo today, I thought I'd play around with a palette!
(Victorian Crowned Pigeon - if only our pigeons looked like this!)

Today is Patriot Day and a day of remembrance.

I was in D.C, eleven years ago today, with my newborn starting his second day of daycare, only a mile or so from the Pentagon.  It was terrifying to say the least, but I am grateful we came out unscathed.  My heart is with those who lost loved ones and of course my gratitude and respect go out to those who serve and protect!


  1. You can do it Amy! Your Mom will be the talk of the convention with that cuff everyone will want to know where she got it from. Ah the zoo, I was just telling Kristen that I live about 5 miles form the zoo here and never go. I need to do that I hear it is not the same old zoo any more. That is a beautiful color palette of the beautiful bird.

  2. What a beautiful pallete of colors! And make a bracelet with company logo - a really original idea, would never thought of...


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