Sunday, October 28, 2012

Evacuation and free pattern

Well, I had to move a little further ahead of planned!  I usually do a free pattern on Friday, but instead I was packing our town in Cape May County in NJ was/is under mandatory evacuation! 

Just learning now that many of the streets in the towns near by are already flooded, and some of the bridges to the barrier islands are covered in water too!  Yikes.  Glad I got out of there okay and with hardly any traffic.  I'm a little nervous for the house since we're only about 1/2 a mile from the bay:

I was lucky to snag a bunch of candles this morning, here in Maryland. So if we lose power I'll still be able to bead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a free pattern for my missed Friday!


  1. Stay safe, Amy! I heard NJ has suspended transit service. We've battened down the hatches here in Annapolis and we're hoping for the best. Take care!

  2. Hi Amy,
    As you already know I am glad you were able to get to a little bit of higher ground. Stay safe and bead, bead, bead.

  3. Be safe! Hope we all find our way back to each other after we all come out the other side of this storm.

  4. Beading by Candle Light...How Romantic...LOL... Hope your house makes it through okay and that you are safe..The news is still saying that it will be a bad one... Praying for all of my friends & family on the east coast!

  5. Stay safe my friend and have fun beading by candlelight!

  6. Hoping all is well and you keep safe.

  7. Stay safe!!! My sweetie is already at his destination in northern NJ but he'll be leaving tomorrow to head north again. Ugh.


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