Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good to be 'home'! was a lot of fun traveling around the northeastern states these past two weeks, but it's good to be home....even if this home is temporary!

We did so much, and visited with so many people it is hard to pick any highlights.  Seeing the elk and Niagara Falls was awesome.  But after that, I had the PLEASURE of meeting one of my favorite fellow bloggers and someone I call a friend, Kristen (from My Bead Journey).

We had such a wonderful time chatting over coffee.  Kristen is every bit as lovely in person as she is on her blog (more so, really!), and I"m so grateful that we had a chance to rendezvous in NY.

After visiting with Kristen, our trip took us to western Mass, where I visited with my best friend of 39 years (wow - I'm old)....and was able to finally able to give her the birthday gift I made for her last month!


I loved making this piece, however it definitely gave me fits.  This is the Celtic knot pattern from Shaped Beadwork.  I wish there was more information in the book about tension, and frankly - I feel like the first couple of rounds should be done in a size 15/0 bead!  But in any case - I pushed through some of the tension difficulties, but still was not happy with the way one side looked.  A circle was added to 'hide' some of the buckling that I experienced.

When I first started thinking I wanted to do this piece, I kept thinking in greens but I just wasn't happy with any of the greens I was putting together, but felt like i needed to keep it filed away with an Irish feel...and finally the image of a Irish wool cream colored cardigan popped into my head and the colors fell into place perfectly after that!

When you are driving around a lot, as I did over the last few weeks (google maps said I did 1800+ miles and drove for about 37 hours), you get to think a lot.  And of course I thought about all the beading I wanted to do by the end of the year.  I have a lot of irons on the fire right now and am very excited about all the projects.  I also realized I have been making lots of patterns for the Bead-It-Forward quilt and haven't even started making any so when I got home, I promptly started printing out all the patterns that are in my completed pattern file!

 Tonight, it's good to be in my own space, and I will be working on completing my Time To Stitch piece!!


  1. You sure are busy! I'm exhausted just reading about all of it! Great necklace too. The colours are perfect.

  2. Beautiful necklace, what a nice gift!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I glad you made it back to New Jersey safely and that you had a wonderful trip. Wow the picture of you and Kristen looks great. Hopefully I will get to meet her one day, she is a beautiful person inside and out! I love the necklace and I hope your friend was over the top thrilled with her gift. It very special to have a good friend for that long, not everyone has that. Enjoy the nice fall weather in New Jersey before you head up to your new home in Mass.

  4. What a beautiful necklace! I can't see any issues at all with it - it is stunning. I love the idea of Irish wool color is great.

  5. Welcome home, Amy! I can say that since I grew up in that neck of the woods! It's hard to believe you only have about a month before you head to Mass.
    I'm glad you and Kristen got to meet and have the opportunity to get to know one another in person!

  6. LOLOLOLOL! I had the best coffee date!!!! Oh but darlin I pray I don't shatter all the moniters with that pic of me! Good thing I am with a ray of light that emulates beauty and love!

  7. What a wonderful event, meeting a fellow blogger! You two must have had lots to talk about :-) This necklace is really beautiful and looks like it was always meant to be creamy and soft. Wow~Just gorgeous!


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