Friday, October 19, 2012


Every once and a while, I see a pattern that catches my eye and I drop everything I'm doing to try it out.  That was the case when I saw the "Picket Fence" pattern come up on B&B's free patterns for subscribers. 
by Samantha Mitchell

I have been hot & cold about Tilas, but I thought this pattern was adorable!

I started it last night and it worked up really quickly. I used size 13/0's instead of 15/0's (as noted in the materials list), so some of the links are a bit cramped, but I like it anyway!

Today is FREE PATTERN Friday! I was tickled to see fellow beader and blogger, Abbey Wilkins, used some of my patterns and posted her results on Operations Tackle That Bead Stash's FB page!  Check it out!  I hope I see lots more out there - it's such an amazing project that is a beautiful and meaningful collaboration of beaders around the world!

Here is another pattern for the quilt! It's a very simple pattern of Lily of the Valley.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Hello,Amy:
    Those bracelets with Tila beads are fantstic.I love both versions.I have bought some of the Tila beads - two colors,but haven't used them yet,as there's hard to find fine patterns for the inspiration in the internet.Yours bracelets are simple,elegant and really fine to get inspiring.
    Thank You for sharing those pretty photos.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  2. I love your bracelet! The colors are great! I like Tilas but they aren't the easiest beads to work with.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I printed out that pattern, but have not made it yet. I love the colors you are using in your bracelet. That is a cute pattern of the Lillie of the valley.

  4. Hi, Amy, it is a very cute bracelet with tilas and I also like the combination of colors.

  5. Your bracelet looks great Amy. I have made this pattern and found the trickiest part was finding the small bugle beads! The shape of mine is similar to yours too :D

  6. Love the bracelet! I have been tila-ing a lot lately, trying to make my peace with them. This bracelet has great style!
    I am not sure I know what the quilt is, but Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower :-)

  7. I like your color choices! They turned out awesome. I have to say I was hesitant about Tilas too, but ended up loving them after playing around with them a while!

  8. How'd I miss this post?! What an unusual design. I love it.


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