Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Free Pattern

Still settling in here in Massachusetts!  So all I have today is a pattern for use in the Bead It Forward Quilt!

Regular Peyote Sunflower:

2-Drop Peyote Sunflower:


  1. How'd you like your first Nor'easter? Man it was a wicked one wasn't it?

  2. Such a cheery pattern~after a few dark weeks (in mood or lack of electricity for most), it is a happy sight to see! hope you settle in to MA quickly :-)

  3. Hi Amy,
    How are things going? I have been so busy sewing beads that I have not been reading the blogs lately. I agree with Christine that is a very cheery pattern. Take care and hang in there!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Suflower is one of my favourite flowers! :-)

  5. Thanks Amy for stopping by and for the congrats! I'm over the moon and looking forward to the baby. I'm sure I'll share some pics. ;)


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