Tuesday, November 6, 2012

History Repeats Itself!

As I wait for my husband to join me in Massachusetts, I'm staying with some close friends who have a couple kids.  My vote was cast by absentee ballot a few weeks ago, so after working a few hours, I decided to take the kids on a hike at a park close by to find a geocache.  (I haven't written about geocaching yet - but it's my new obsession!)

And so we headed out with the pup, and found our cache after some careful searching.

But as I was wandering with the kids, I realized, that for the last election I also took three kids on a hike.  That time it was my son, stepdaughter and her boyfriend!  Here we are at the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland, one of my all time favorite hiking spots.

Perhaps I'll find myself on another trail in 2016!
I am a lucky recipient of one of the kits for  Therese's Birthday Challenge!  And here is a sneak peek....

Check back on November 16 for the reveal! 


  1. Welcome to The Bay State! :D Just in time for the Nor'easter the next 2 days. lol I tried geocaching in 2007. I sucked at it soooo bad. lol

  2. Geocaching seems interesting - it would be a blast for my boys as well, I think. :-D
    I'll absulutely check your result of Therese's Birthday Challenge, can't wait to see what will you make.

  3. My cousin has done it for years, she loves it. I think your idea to spend some family time, instead of nail biting, is a good one!
    Bummed I missed Therese's challenge, didn't see it. But I'll look forward to seeing what you make!


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