Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The post in which you roll your eyes....

....and say "enough with the snowflakes already!"  (I made about 30 - here are a few - sorry for the low-quality iphone pictures -  I need to recharge my camera battery!!)

I was on a snowflake making BINGE over the last week or so! Seriously - if you haven't had a look at Sandra Halpenny's snowflake patterns - you are missing out!  I only attempted three of the patterns, but I'm looking forward to doing more for next year!

It's a crazy time of year - I'm beading like crazy - but I don't want to put anything online because I don't want to ruin any holiday gift surprises!  But I played with a new craft that I'll share after tha holiday.
sneak peek!

It's also been a very emotional time.  While I am so unbelievably grateful to receive the generosity of my friend and her family for hosting us during this transition, I very much want to get into our own space! Last week's horrific tragedy hasn't helped my cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat state of being, yet at the same time it has reminded me to count my long, long list of blessings!  Emotional roller coaster!!!! 

We had a winter storm over the last few days - the snow was so pretty on Sunday and then it turned to ice...which was a bit hazardous, but just as pretty as the snow! 


  1. Ice coating is so pretty! But so destructive on tree branches! I love the beaded snowflakes. I may have to make some.

  2. Your snowflakes are beautiful! I know how it is with "binge beading"!!! I made 8 icicles and could have made more but I needed to get other things done. When I have some time I'll post pictures. I think this is an emotional time for everyone. But, as you said, we all have to count our blessings and keep our family close! Merry Christmas!

  3. I did make the white one on the left, because of you! I didn't know she had more. That one took way longer than I thought it would, but it sure was pretty when finished!

  4. I just love all the snowflakes! The bottom right one on that second picture is my favorite out of the mini-blizzard you created.
    It is a challenge to keep it together at the moment, and I cannot imagine not having a space of my own to cry in. I hope you get into your own place soon.

  5. Sending all my love and hope that your holidays are wonderful!


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