Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Challenges etc...

Well...I finally moved....again!   This could be for the next year, or for the next several months - I'm just not sure...but I am sure of one thing - and that is - it's good to be in our own space.  I sent this pic of our new diggs to my husband (who should hopefully be joining us in about 6 weeks - finally!):

Looks somewhat similar to this, eh?
 Now I'm thinking of what I should be manifesting doing for my next Bead Journal Project entry!

I've been beading quite a bit - but I haven't unpacked the box with my camera so my latest beading activity will have to wait til later in the week.

The SEVENTH Bead Soup Blog Party sign-ups happened last weekend.  I signed up again and as usual have that fun feeling of anticipation wondering who will be my partner!  Anticipation and excitement are my favorite dynamics of the BSBP.  Not to mention stepping outside your normal beading comfort zone and making new friends! 

And speaking of new friends....this is just a teaser, but I've teamed up with my last BSBP partner, Alenka (of Pepita Handmade), to create another challenge kit blog hop!  I'm thinking by the timing of it - we'll be calling it another "Spring Fling" blog hop! 

Also in the offing is the Beading Babes challenge.  I had to sit out the last one due to my movement and lack of magazines (my husband is getting all my beading magazines in MD!!!!)  But I just recently purchased the fish pendant pattern by Linda Richmond for this challenge.
SOURCE: http://www.lindarichmond.com/index.html
  The reveal date is April 14, but the truth is, I have to attend the Boston Seafood Festival this March (one of my clients is a seafood distributor), and I thought it would be simply perfect if I had this fish to wear for this event!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

We had a fun snow storm this week! It dropped about 6 inches and was just so pretty.  Thought it might be time to do another color palette!

When I was sampling colors, I was mesmerized that the sky was so teal-y!  And that there really was a pinkish glow from the sun! When I took the picture I thought, wow - this is so pretty!  At the moment all I saw was a lot of brown and white with a little pop from the red berries! 

The kids (ahem...and the adults) had fun engaging in snowball fights and building forts.  (I believe I was told that I was "going down", after this wall of snow was erected!)

One of my favorite things after a snow storm is seeing evidence of the wildlife!

In my beading world, my friend asked me to fix this absolutely gorgeous necklace that she received in Bosnia, just after she was married. 
I rather enjoyed working with this stunning piece of jewelry.  I added some peyote strips and some braided silk cord and it's all together again!

And in honor of my team's pending game this weekend, I thought it was appropriate to revisit this little pattern!  Now if only I get around to stitching it some day!
 (Funny - last January I wrote about this pattern talking about being a "New England native", and had no idea at that time that I would be moving back here!  But here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bead Journal Project

I finally joined this project, after lurking for a couple years.

This month's 'journal entry' was an easy one.  I've been in a transition for the last few months and have been anxiously awaiting getting into my own home.  Factors outside my control have made this move a little rockier and more chaotic that I care to talk about ("if you can't say something nice....").

But there have been some good things! During this transition I've been rather blessed with interesting living arrangements. We stayed at my late FIL's home near the beach during the summer and fall.  And since moving up to Massachusetts, I've been staying with one of my dearest friends and her family for the last couple months while I find the perfect home for us to live!  It's like having a sleepover with your girlfriend - every night!  Well, maybe not every night - we do have work and children to tend to - but I'm not gonna lie - our Downton Abbey marathon for a week and a half was a veritable blast!

 So back to my entry for my bead journal:

 What does this symbolize?  My desire to close on this house(yes, we're still under contract, and just experienced another delay!)?

The view from my window the last few months?

The house I've got my eye on for a rental if the house doesn't work out? (which also happens to be blue with some pine trees tucked behind!!!)

I think all of the above, or none of the above!  More than anything it symbolizes my longing to get settled into our own home.  This little house is just a perfect picture of what's going on in my head this month!

When we do eventually get settled, and I call for my PODS container to be delivered, which contains several big boxes of craft supplies - I am looking forward to creating an actual journal to keep this year's Bead Journal Project entries in a small book!

Friday, January 4, 2013


WOW!!  Why have I put this off for so long!?!?!?  

I FINALLY started playing with my kumihimo disc and am amazed at the ease of this braid, using the disc! 

I can't wait to start playing with other threads, adding beads, finishing the ends, and more!

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, as I was recovering from a stomach bug.  But on the upside, inactivity sometimes can lead to lots of beading productivity.  Basically - I felt fine as along as I wasn't moving around too much, so I sat with my beads all day yesterday & the day before.  I printed out some of the patterns I created for the Bead It Forward quilt and was amazed two days later to see I finished FIVE! 

The two-drop peyote pieces work up so fast!! 


I also started playing around with some ideas for the Bead Journal Project.  I signed up pretty recently, and have many ideas but I"m not exactly sure yet, where I want to take this!


I chuckled to myself when I pulled out this yellow flair to start some sketching on the backing.  I have always eschewed the yellow flair.  And sometimes even lambasted its existence!  "Why can't they put a better color in the five-pack of flairs!?!"  Then, today when I wanted a pencil to start sketching, and couldn't find one, the wonderful little yellow flair showed it's purpose (to me) in this world!