Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bead Journal Project

I finally joined this project, after lurking for a couple years.

This month's 'journal entry' was an easy one.  I've been in a transition for the last few months and have been anxiously awaiting getting into my own home.  Factors outside my control have made this move a little rockier and more chaotic that I care to talk about ("if you can't say something nice....").

But there have been some good things! During this transition I've been rather blessed with interesting living arrangements. We stayed at my late FIL's home near the beach during the summer and fall.  And since moving up to Massachusetts, I've been staying with one of my dearest friends and her family for the last couple months while I find the perfect home for us to live!  It's like having a sleepover with your girlfriend - every night!  Well, maybe not every night - we do have work and children to tend to - but I'm not gonna lie - our Downton Abbey marathon for a week and a half was a veritable blast!

 So back to my entry for my bead journal:

 What does this symbolize?  My desire to close on this house(yes, we're still under contract, and just experienced another delay!)?

The view from my window the last few months?

The house I've got my eye on for a rental if the house doesn't work out? (which also happens to be blue with some pine trees tucked behind!!!)

I think all of the above, or none of the above!  More than anything it symbolizes my longing to get settled into our own home.  This little house is just a perfect picture of what's going on in my head this month!

When we do eventually get settled, and I call for my PODS container to be delivered, which contains several big boxes of craft supplies - I am looking forward to creating an actual journal to keep this year's Bead Journal Project entries in a small book!


  1. Nice to hear from you again! Hope everything is getting soon just right regarding the new house! .... I believe you had a blast, I do miss those girls' evenings with the best friend ...

  2. Our house, in the middle of our street! :D Hope you can finally close and move on it soon. When I did my POD unit, it was horribly hot and humid all over the US and I was so worried about stuff melting, like candles and my record albums. I had to pack the records completely upright and tight to keep them flat. I was pleased when I unpacked...I only had a couple taper candles get a little bit bent.

  3. Wow...a bead journal. I love your handi-work, and hope that soon you can post that you have settled into a home and you can get everything delivered.

  4. I have joined the BJP for the first time too. Haven't yet finished my first piece. We lived in America for a while and your photos makes me feel very nostalgic. We too had tall pine trees and pretty pastel sidings on the house we rented for three years.. Very different to our brick house here in the UK. Hope your little blue bead house becomes a reality soon. :)

  5. Hi Amy! I'm so glad to see you doing the bead journal project, I started once a few years ago, but my squares were way to big and it took me forever to finish each month. These little guys are perfect! Are you coming back to Bead Soup??

  6. Perfect! What a great way to celebrate and encourage your dream! I love the idea of putting your pieces in a book. Welcome and thanks for posting your lovely, blue, beaded house!

  7. Look forward to seeing your complete Bead Journal. What a great start.

  8. Such a great idea to journal something so meaningful! I hope you will find the path before you cleared for moving very soon :-)

  9. Beading the future, to help it come on. What a lovely first page for a journal!


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