Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Challenges etc...

Well...I finally moved....again!   This could be for the next year, or for the next several months - I'm just not sure...but I am sure of one thing - and that is - it's good to be in our own space.  I sent this pic of our new diggs to my husband (who should hopefully be joining us in about 6 weeks - finally!):

Looks somewhat similar to this, eh?
 Now I'm thinking of what I should be manifesting doing for my next Bead Journal Project entry!

I've been beading quite a bit - but I haven't unpacked the box with my camera so my latest beading activity will have to wait til later in the week.

The SEVENTH Bead Soup Blog Party sign-ups happened last weekend.  I signed up again and as usual have that fun feeling of anticipation wondering who will be my partner!  Anticipation and excitement are my favorite dynamics of the BSBP.  Not to mention stepping outside your normal beading comfort zone and making new friends! 

And speaking of new friends....this is just a teaser, but I've teamed up with my last BSBP partner, Alenka (of Pepita Handmade), to create another challenge kit blog hop!  I'm thinking by the timing of it - we'll be calling it another "Spring Fling" blog hop! 

Also in the offing is the Beading Babes challenge.  I had to sit out the last one due to my movement and lack of magazines (my husband is getting all my beading magazines in MD!!!!)  But I just recently purchased the fish pendant pattern by Linda Richmond for this challenge.
SOURCE: http://www.lindarichmond.com/index.html
  The reveal date is April 14, but the truth is, I have to attend the Boston Seafood Festival this March (one of my clients is a seafood distributor), and I thought it would be simply perfect if I had this fish to wear for this event!


  1. It must feel so great to finally be in your own space! And great house too I might add! Now you can unpack! :D Love that fishy too.

  2. Yay! Your own space :-) hope everything works out well for you. This fish is just too fun and cute! The great thing about wearing it is not only will people ooh and ahhh, but you can touch it all the time...it looks like a very tactile piece.

  3. Hello,Amy:
    I can see,You're happy to have moved again.I think,I'll be happy too in the couple of weeks'time.The house looks great and I can say,I also appreciate to have 'my own space'.Moving out is a little upleasant,because of all that packing and unpacking,which I've been experiencing now,but the advantage is,that it gives the 'kick' of the new energy to arrange the new place,which I hope to have soon.
    I think,everything's going well with You-I can see the first effects:-)
    The bead woven little house is really the fantastic portrait of Your new place.The 'fish' pattern has been known by me for so long,but I've never made it by myself.Your version is very beautiful.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  4. Yay a home of your own!!! I know you have loved your journey to it mostly but I know it is good to be there! Give Jackson a huge hug too!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that you're in your own house! I love the fish pendant! And, how will it be to be at the Seafood Festival wearing a beaded fish!!!!

  6. Hi Amy,
    So glad to hear that you have got a place of your own for how ever long it may be. I can not wait to see what you and Alenka have cooked up for your new challenge. I got the fish pendant tutorial too, but I know you will rock the pattern and have everyone at the conference wanting to get a close up look and to touch it. I signed up one more time for the BSBP too, this time I asked to be with a seed beader, so we will see. Enjoy your new digs!


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