Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

We had a fun snow storm this week! It dropped about 6 inches and was just so pretty.  Thought it might be time to do another color palette!

When I was sampling colors, I was mesmerized that the sky was so teal-y!  And that there really was a pinkish glow from the sun! When I took the picture I thought, wow - this is so pretty!  At the moment all I saw was a lot of brown and white with a little pop from the red berries! 

The kids (ahem...and the adults) had fun engaging in snowball fights and building forts.  (I believe I was told that I was "going down", after this wall of snow was erected!)

One of my favorite things after a snow storm is seeing evidence of the wildlife!

In my beading world, my friend asked me to fix this absolutely gorgeous necklace that she received in Bosnia, just after she was married. 
I rather enjoyed working with this stunning piece of jewelry.  I added some peyote strips and some braided silk cord and it's all together again!

And in honor of my team's pending game this weekend, I thought it was appropriate to revisit this little pattern!  Now if only I get around to stitching it some day!
 (Funny - last January I wrote about this pattern talking about being a "New England native", and had no idea at that time that I would be moving back here!  But here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. We had a dusting down here...nothing major thankfully!!! I am loving that Patriots pattern. Too bad I suck at flat peyote. Still, I'm tempted to try it! lol

  2. PS that's a GORGEOUS necklance!

  3. beautiful color palatte and photo that inspired it! That necklace is a stunner. Just lovely!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Amy!

  4. I love the color palette, it makes one look closer for the colors that can so easily be missed. No light dusting here, we've been buried in snow since early November.

  5. Gorgeous pallette I can see why you are looking at the berries! We are in New England too Western CT!

  6. Catching you from the A-Z. I always take a sneak peek at everyone who's signed up, even before the official blog hop. I can't wait to see the beading you do for the challenge. I love your pix, and your color scheme. I get a weekly color scheme in my email from colourQ, and it's so much fun. I used to create beaded jewelry as a hobby. Now I've moved on to scrapbooking, assuming I allow myself to take the time to have fun with it. I recently retired, and now I'm doing all the housekeeping (painting, remodeling, updating and such) that there wasn't time to do when working full time. But that should end soon.


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