Friday, January 4, 2013


WOW!!  Why have I put this off for so long!?!?!?  

I FINALLY started playing with my kumihimo disc and am amazed at the ease of this braid, using the disc! 

I can't wait to start playing with other threads, adding beads, finishing the ends, and more!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I've seen this in catalogs but it looks a little confusing to it?

  2. I know, so addictive, isn't it? Not to be an enabler, but come join the Kumihimo group over on FB...:) Jamie North is one of the members, and she's having a sale in her store for magatamas. If you've not seen any kumi pieces made with them, you are in for a treat!

  3. Kumihimo is so much fun and the versatility is endless.
    Glad you took the plunge. LOL

  4. I knew you'd love kumihimo!! It's fun and relaxing to do and adding beads makes it fantastic!!! You can even bead the end caps if you want to, or the design would be better. Have fun, Amy!

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