Friday, February 15, 2013


Sorry in advance for the rambling post. 
I confess, I haven't been doing a lot of beading lately.....actually - strike that - I haven't done any beading this week! But finally this giant box came - and it contains all our stuff!!!

STUFF!  And lots of it.  I haven't seen my stuff in seven months, and although it's hard work unloading and unpacking, it's been fun seeing stuff that I forgot I had.  Don't even get me started on the principal/philosophy of maybe getting rid of things I couldn't remember I owned!!!  The truth is, I got rid of a ton of furniture and household items, and books, and clothes, and toys, etc... back in July when we moved out of our house.  Giving away to neighbors and goodwill.  But another that I KISSED my kitchen knives when I pulled them out of the box!!! 

MWAH! I missed my wonderful sharp kitchen knives!!   They were a wedding present four and a half years ago and they are still as wonderful as they were when we received them four and a half years ago!  And speaking of hubby is en route to see us as I type this blog post!  I haven't seen him in six weeks and am happy to report I miss him a lot!

My husband is laughing in this pic because I just told him about how my brother, inadvertently put the flower girl dresses on my nieces, opposite of how they were supposed to be! 5yo wears size 3 dress, and 3yo wears size 5 dress!!  Bless his sweet single dad heart!

And speaking of nieces, I felt so lucky to now live close enough to these sweet girls, that I was able to see my older niece's first concert! 
Love her!!!

So enough of my rambling!  My soul is aching to bead and I plan to do so this weekend!!!  Definitely going to work on my Beading Babes' fish, my Bead Journal Project February project, and I better hurry up and also start my Challenge of Music piece! 

Happy Weekend TO ALL! 


  1. Isn't that POD loading/unloading dealybob cool? Did you experience much shifting inside?

  2. How exciting to finally see your stuff!!! Good luck unpacking and finding space for it. Our stuff always seemed to grow in transit!!!
    Beautiful bride, btw :)!


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