Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow and the BSBP!

We had a fine snow storm here over the weekend!! It delayed me by one day in getting to the post office to mail my soup to my partner, Kepi....but to my defense...there was a driving ban in effect all day on Saturday! Here's the soup I sent Kepi!!  I truly hope she enjoys it!

But Saturday was FUN!  It finally stopped snowing mid-day and Jackson donned his snowpants and headed out!  The pups - even though they didn't like it at first - also were intent on joining him!

During most of the day on Saturday, I worked on my Beading Babes project.  Although the reveal date is not until April, I want to have this fish ready for an event I am attending in early March! Here are the segments so far.
 I like the segments so far, but in all honestly I am not enjoying putting them together.  The directions on this part are somewhat difficult to follow and after several failed attempts of attaching the tail to the first segment I ended up ripping it apart and I put it aside.  I'm going to wait a few days and figure out how to put it together myself!  On the other hand - the segments came together easily and they look great!  I'm excited to see how this turns out.


  1. I have made the fish as well (actually two) I love them so much. I love the colors you used. I am also very intrigued with the teaser, I can't wait.

  2. Glad to hear you survived the storm. One thing about being in New England for a storm like that is they know how to deal with it! Remember our 30" three years ago. People were stuck in the house for days! It looks like Jackson had a great time!!!
    I love your fish.

  3. WOW that looked like so much fun!!! I am excited to see what you sent your partner!!!!!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the snow. It was absolutely miserable down here and my power only came back on today around Noon. I've been burning off all that pent up energy cleaning, baking and doing laundry. We need a generator1

  5. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs as I can in the blog party. Can't wait to see what you've gotten in the mail from your partner and the unscrambled version of your own bead soup!


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