Friday, March 29, 2013


Today was stunningly gorgeous here in Massachusetts.  We took a walk along the pretty babbling brook at the bottom of the hill our house sits on.   Snow is almost gone!!!

I can't believe the Blogging from A-Z Challenge is beginning on Monday.  I think I have my topics ready to roll - but I admit...there are some days I just haven't thought of anything!

Lately I've been seeing so many pieced done in this gorgeous 'micro-macrame'.   

I want to learn - but I have always had the hardest time with basic macrame knotting.  There have been so many crafts that I sometimes just 'don't get'....and macrame knotting was one of them.  UNTIL I came across this wonderful video that made me have my 'aha moment' on macrame. 

I gave it a try and finally had a little success!  You should have heard me in my best British accent saying "over, over, under....under, under, over"...just like the lovely lady in the video! I finally get it!!!
Have a great weekend.  Back on Monday when you'll hear from me 6 days a week for four weeks!!!!


  1. Great job as always! I have a hard time with macrame knotting too. I even have a hard time doing friendship bracelets.

  2. Nice job! I remember my sister learning this when we were kids and chanting for hours on end - so funny
    See you at the A-Z

    Blogging AtoZ @ChickLitLove

  3. Amy, well done!!! The bracelet is very nice, love the beads you used!
    Can't wait to follow your daily posts!

  4. I still don't but then again we all have our understanding issues right?


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