Monday, April 1, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • A

Welcome to the Blogging from A-Z Challenge!!!

This is my third year participating and I'm going to stick with a mostly beading theme - that may veer off into other crafts - and possibly veer off into things non-beading or crafty at all!!!


A is for ambition.  This is what beading ambition looks like to me:

They are piles of projects I've printed up that I intend to complete! This is only two piles, and there are more...not to mention beading magazines that have little post-its on pages.  But as I joked with some other bloggers recently - I think my piles of things I intend to-do, are going to very soon outweigh the time I have left on this earth to do them all!!!

A is also for Arlee Bird and appreciation. The brains behind the A-Z challenge.  So I'd like to take this moment to give a shout out of thanks for hosting this challenge.  I don't quite know how I stumbled upon it, but it's a challenge that is challenging and rewarding and I know it's made be a better blogger!

Stay tuned for B-Z....some highlights to look forward to are a giveaway for the letter G.  A tutorial for the letter T.   A reveal for the letter R...along with a handful of other bead challenge reveals that are scheduled this month!

If you go to the Blogging from A-Z Challenge page you will find all the other participants!  Check it out - you may find a new blog to enjoy!


  1. You sound like me! I have files of ideas that I would like to do. At some point I need to stop collecting ideas and just sit down and start doing them. Otherwise, like you said, there may be more ideas than time left to do them. :) Enjoyed reading your first A to Z Challenge post!

  2. I know what you mean about having too many projects and not enough time in one life to do them! Guess it's better than not having anything to do!!

  3. i feel the same way with my writing. so many stories, not enough time to write them!

  4. I've often admired hand made beaded jewelry...I hope you reach your goals. Happy A to Z month...enjoy the challenge!

  5. Ambition & lots of projects to do.....I hear that one loud n clear!

  6. LOL! I know what you mean! My eyes are much larger than my meager little time-plate. Oh, when will the scientists locked in the basement complete their time-stopper? *sigh*

  7. Oh man, I can totally relate to this! I am also a crafter (In fact, my blog is about selling crafts in general), and I often have way too many ideas than I have time! How do you manage to sort through them all? That's my question: deciding which craft or project to start, which to persevere and finish, and which ones to just forgo altogether?

  8. I love beads and making crafty things. Sometimes I feel like I'm being too ambitious, but you're motivating me :)

  9. Oh Yes!!! Intend to is far exceeding my can do time!

  10. Hi Amy,
    Also A is for Amy looking forward to following your A-Z challenge this month as you can see I am getting a late start, but I am here that counts right. I am like you, I have a ton of projects that I want to do, but may never get to.


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