Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • H

H is for hopping habits (in the game Scattergories - I'd get two points for that topic selection!)

I only began blogging because I read blogs.  I've noticed over the years, that I have some pretty set-in-stone habits, when I'm blog hopping. 

So without further ado - here are some habits of my hopping....

  • I really do hate Captcha.....I'll suffer through it, but I am CERTAIN, at times, that I've thought I left a comment on your blog, but I hit "submit", and directed myself away from your blog, thinking I was done...when in fact, your blog wanted me to enter the Captcha code...but I was long gone...

  • I definitely read more than I comment.  But when I comment, I REALLY MEAN IT!  When I comment, it's truly because something you wrote, or a picture you posted, inspired me to want to share my feelings with you!
  • I use Google reader, and love it.  I'm so sad that it's going away. :(  But I think I've found another good reader called Bloglines....
  • I have too many blogs in my reader.  I follow more blogs than I have time to read.  But I do read them before I mark as "read"!  Sometimes that means reading a week's worth of your blog posts!
  • I try to read blogs in the morning, with my coffee.  I really enjoy that!
  • I read blogs before I read the news, but after I check Facebook!

Okay - well, there is a bunch of blog hopping minutia!  I'm 100% certain there are better "H" posts in the long list of wonderful A-Z participants!


  1. For some odd reason, I don't hate captcha. I find it challenging. :)

  2. I will only comment on blogs w/ CAPTCHA if I am friends w/ the blogger but I have cut back a lot even on their blogs, and I refuse to do it during A-Z. I'd much rather see 'your comment will appear after blog owner approval' than that damn CAPTCHA box. I disabled the ability to leave anonymous comments and that eliminated all my spam issues.

  3. I liked your list of hopping habits. I am interested in getting more information on Bloglines as I too an looking for a new blog reader. Can you give me some more information? Or point me in the right direction?

    This might be a good one for the letter "q", queries answered.


  4. I hate, hate, hate CAPTCHA. I think I have some sort of dysfunction when it comes to reading those twisted words.

    I also have far more blogs to read each day than I have time to read them. I think it's a good problem to have.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  5. You said it, funny how we all develop habits for reading blogs that become so enjoyable to us....I like to read those I follow just before bed!

  6. I don't like having to type in the captcha, but I do like reading funny ones - http://captchafail.tumblr.com/


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