Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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I is for Indigo....

Yesterday I mentioned the game Scattergories....ever play it?  It's a board game.

Each player is given a card with categories (i.e. boys names, cities, things in a classroom, etc...), then you roll a huge die that has the letters of the alphabet on them. 

Whatever letter comes up everyone has to come up with a word in that category in the allotted time.  Except....sometimes when a crappy letter comes up...everyone says "OH ROLL AGAIN!"

That's how I felt about the letter "I" today!  And here's a I prepped for A-Z and struggled with topics for certain letters...I said to myself..."Aw heck, if you can't think of something, just pick a color for the letter and do a color palette."

So here you are...INDIGO....and a scene you might not think of, when you think of the color indigo - but the colors in this palette were ALL sampled from this photo!  I don't know about you, but I'm always amazed at the colors that nature cooks up.

Sunrise in my former back yard, last year in central Maryland:


  1. Hi Amy,
    I agree "I" is a hard letter, but you picked a good color and a gorgerous sunrise to do an indigo color palette from.

  2. I enjoyed the wonderful color in your photo. Nature always amazes me.

  3. I love that picture and the palette. Indigo or any shade of blue is awesome.

  4. Great posts! I love beading and jewellery making, hoping to get back into it once I've moved house. And worked out which box it's all in!

  5. Indigo is a good choice. The palette shows the colors we don't often consider together so I find it really interesting.


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