Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • K

K is for Kumihimo!

I selected Kumihimo last year for K, because I had been dying to try it.  And I finally did try it a few months ago!

I had grand plans of doing some more kumihimo for this post but I never did get around to it!!

If you haven't tried this wonderful braid, it is truly one of the easier things I've learned to do.  There are tons of tutorials out there, but I used this one by Beadsmith and thought it was wonderful:

See you tomorrow for "L".  Tomorrow is the reveal for the second round of participants for the Bead Soup Blog Party! 


  1. Another blogger did her Kumihimo today too! I love the way these look but I figured I didn't need another craft so I didn't buy the braid wheel thingie. I'm still trying to make knotted friendship bracelets.

  2. ha ha, I picked Kumihimo for my "K" blog, too! Just learned it last month and am anxious to try it with different fibers and ribbons. You closed your end very neatly--nice job!

  3. I learned Kumihimo about a year ago. I love working on a piece, it's relaxing. I love the look of Kumihimo with beads!

  4. I have never heard of Kumihimo but it is quite beautiful. Thanks for teaching me something new.


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