Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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N is for nonsense....

At this moment I feel like anything I have to say, is nonsense.  Writing about crafts or beads feels trivial.  Truly.  Tragedies hit hard....and this one, which literally hits so close to home hits even harder. 

I actually had a post scheduled for today, but it will have to wait til next year's A-Z.

My husband was asking me about Patriots Day, since I grew up here. He asked if there was going to be a parade for Patriots Day.  I said, "No! It's Marathon Monday!"  And then regaled him with tales of my past experiences of Marathon Monday during the years I lived in Boston.

Praying for the victims of yesterday's nonsensical tragedy.


  1. keeping all in my deepest thought. i am at a loss as to what to say. which means i say nothing. but you said it right.

  2. Our son lives in Cambridge and went to BC, so he used to watch the marathon from Heartbreak Hill. It should be such a fantastic celebration of all that's great about America! We can do nothing but keep those affected in our prayers.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Amy and for your sweet comments about the baby. I am enjoying her for sure. I'm sorry to hear that you have personal ties to Boston. I do hope that no one you know was personally affected by the tragedy.

  4. It's a heartbreaker, that's for sure. I think the parade was on Sunday.

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people touched by the events in Boston on April 15th.


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