Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • P

I finally tried it!

P is for polymer clay!  

I have been so interested in this craft for years now!  So last week, my hubs and I went out and got some clay (four colors), and a set of tiny cutters.  Total investment was about $8 (with the exception of the $29 extra toaster oven we had)....and without further are the results...

Here I'm just getting started... (not so great - but I was pretty happy that they resembled flowers!)

 Getting the hang of it a little better:
And even better:

Finally I followed this awesome tutorial and made this adorable owl!!!!

EVEN my husband got involved in the polymer clay action!

We learned a lot over the weekend playing with polymer clay and still have a lot to learn.  But we both enjoyed it very much! :)

P is also for PATTERN

Last year when the Patriots were in the playoffs, I created a pattern with the Pats' logo on it.  Since then, someone wrote me and asked about a Red Sox pattern!  Heck - I used to work at Fenway when I was in college!  Why didn't I think of this before!  Go SOX! 

This pattern is two-drop peyote, works up to about a two inch wide cuff, and it is about 6 inches long (just add more navy on either side!)  Here you go, Cindy!


  1. such sweetness to look at here! great job! it looks like you both had fun :-)

  2. Very cute, I find polymer fun too, just wish I was good at it.

  3. Love your polymer. You did a fabulous job for your first time! I've been interested in it for years also. Actually took a class with Nan Roche. But, I don't like doing cane work and never pursued other ways of using it. I want to get back to it using rubber stamps to make cabs.

  4. I have had the clay in my drawer for a year now. I want to make my own buttons. I even bought the stuff to make my own molds so I can reuse the older buttons as a pattern. Here, you just go and jump in. Guess I will just have to take the leap too. Thanks !

  5. Those clay ornaments are adorable! It's always such a great feeling to look proudly at what you've made. :)

    Have fun with a-z.

  6. You did a great job w/ the clay! And LOVING the Sox logo. When did you work at Fenway & what college did you go to?

  7. Those are so cute...Can we use polymer clay to create heart bracelet.


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