Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • S

S is for SPOTS!

What kind of spots?  "Oil" spots.....

I was recently very lucky to receive some beads from  They have a great selection of Czech beads and I received some "oil spot" daggers (I also got some twins but I"ll write about those later.)

I've always loved these pretty spotted beads!

Here was just my first go around with the daggers, but I can't wait to play around more with them!



  1. my S was going to be for a diffrent kinda spots my little one has come down with chickenpox!!!

  2. i love making those little peyote tubes beads! i have heaps of them that i never do anything with...seeing yours makes me want to use them finally! both pair of earrings are wonderful!!! and those daggers are supercool!

  3. Those are so pretty! I didn't know they were called oil spots.

  4. Very cool Amy! I've always been fascinated by the iridescent reflection of oil on the ground. Your earrings turned out adorable!
    designsbydawnmd At gmail Dot com

  5. So cute, I love those daggers!

  6. You can make simple look rockstar!!!!

  7. They are just awesome....bead bracelets looks so unique with casuals!!

  8. Those daggers are AWESOME! I like what you did with them in the earrings. So creative and talented! Great post.


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