Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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U is for Ultrasuede

Ultrasuede is a fabric beaders frequently use on the back side of their embroidery work.  It creates a nice finish that looks like this:
(clearly my edging technical skills could use some work....)

Instead of this!


  1. I've appliqued ultrasuede onto needlework canvas--lightly painted it to create appearance of a craggy rock and stitched it into the ocean. Very versatile stuff!

  2. I was taught to stitch on felt and back with leather. Where can I find ultrasuede? That's way easier to use than leather.

  3. I love this stuff, It's so easy to use. If you just want to back cabochons you can get scraps here. cheapest way to buy. It's on sale for less then $8.00. They also carry it in all sorts of colors and leather too.


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